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Active Filters: Band Pass, Page 1
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Active Filter -- Main Page
Last Updated on: Tuesday, April 01, 2014 04:28 AM

Circuits Designed by Dave Johnson, P.E. :
  • 125Khz Ultra Pure Sine Wave Signal Source - For some RFID systems operating at 125KHz, a very low distortion signal source reference is needed.  The circuit shown on this page produces a 10-volt peak-to-peak signal into a 50-ohm load, with a distortion of only 0.01% … [Hobby Corner Circuit by Dave Johnson]  Added June 2005 

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:
12dB/Octave 2-Way Xover -  Linkwitz-Riley alignment and phase coherent (uses the P09 Rev-B PCB)  (circuit added 6/07)
24 dB/Octave 2/3-Way Linkwitz-Riley electronic crossover -  The Linkwitz-Riley filter featured here has (almost) perfect phase-coherency, with no peaks or dips at the crossover frequency. The design is adaptable to 2-way or 3-way (or even 4-way) operation, and all formulas).... (electronic design added 08/08/08)
29.85 MHz Bandpass Filter Schematic -  (electronic circuit added 7/03)
45 to 90Hz hum filter -  These emit noise to confuse or agitate insects or animals.  This is one of the better and more popular brands. It emits bursts of pulses at different frequencies… [Circuit by Stepan Novotill]
A Basic Introduction to Filters: Active, Passive & Switched-Capacitor -  National Semiconductor Application Note  (app note added 6/06)
A Simple Method of Designing Multiple Order All Pole Bandpass Filters by Cascading 2nd Order Sections -  AN27A Linear Technology Presents two methods of designing high quality switched capacitor bandpass filters. Both methods are intended to vastly simplify the mathematics involved in filter design by using tabular methods. The text assumed no filter design experience but allows high quality filters....(app note added 6/06)
Active 2nd Order Filters -  The figures below illustrate using opamps as active 2nd order filters. Three 2nd order filters are shown, low pass, high pass, and bandpass. Each of these filters will attenuate frequencies outside their passband at a rate of 12dB per octave or 1/4 the voltage amplitude for each octave of frequency increase or decrease outside the passband....(electronic circuit added 7/03)
Active Bandpass Filters -  (electronic circuit added 7/03)
Akerberg-Mossberg (AM) Second Order Bandpass inverting -  Schematic only, no text included
Akerberg-Mossberg AM Second Order Bandpass inverting -  (electronic design added 6/07)
Band reject filter includes compensation -  04/13/00 EDN-Design Ideas  Some band-reject LC filters employ a reactance to decouple individual resonators. One such filter uses relatively small shunt inductors to decouple series resonators, known as a top-L coupling.  This type of coupling readily achieves narrow filter bandwidths while.... [Design Idea by Richard M Kurzrok, RMK Consultants, Queens Village, NY]
BandPass Filter -  This bandpass filter is in fact a combined high- and lowpassfilter. The first stages are a highpass (f>70MHz) and the last stages a low pass (f<180MHz). The lost of this filter is several watts when driven with 20[Watts], but the output signal is (when adjusted with a spectrum analyser) very clean.….(electronic schematic added 12/08)
Bandpass filter features adjustable Q and constant maximum gain -  3-Mar-05 Issue of EDN  Applications such as audio equalizers require bandpass filters with a constant maximum gain that's independent of the filter's quality factor, Q. However, all of the well-known filter architectures—Sallen-Key, multiple-feedback, state-variable, and Tow-Thomas—suffer from altered maximum gain when Q varies.... [Design Idea by Herminio Martínez, Joan Domingo, Juan Gmiz, and Antoni Grau, Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain]
Bandpass Filter Single Opamp -  A band pass filter passes a range of frequencies while rejecting frequencies outside  upper and lower limits of  passband. The range of frequencies to be passed is called  passband and extends from a point below  center frequency to a point above  center frequency where  output voltage falls about 70% of  output voltage at  center frequency. (added 5/02)
Bandpass Filters -  (diagram added 2/07)
Band-pass Network -  Circuit Ideas for Designers Application Notes Advanced Linear Devices, Inc.  (app note added 6/06)
Basic Introduction to Filters -  Application notes on active, passive and switched capacitor filters, document in PDF format (app note added 4/02)
Berka-Herpy (BH) Second Order Bandpass non-inverting -  Schematic only, no text included
Berka-Herpy BH Second Order Bandpass non-inverting -  (electronic design added 6/07)
Biquad Active Bandpass Filter Schematic -  (electronic circuit added 7/03)

Active Filters: Band Pass - #'s - B       C - K       L - Z

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