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FM (Frequency Modulation) Receiver Circuits
Last Updated on: Friday, October 03, 2014 10:37 AM

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

2 Transistor FM Transmitter (Rob van der Weijden) -  A compact 2 transistor transmitter for use at VHF frequencies.....(design added 8/03)
27 MHz FM Receiver -  The FMR-201 is a crystal controlled single channel receiver, comprising of receiving, decoding and open collector output sections….(circuit added 08/07/06) 
27MHz/ 49 MHz Walkie Talkie -  Lots of people are requesting walkie-talkie and RF remote control schematics, so here is some. Building these circuits needs special equipment and expertise in RF circuits. If you are going to experiment with these circuits, please..... [Peter Jakab, Electrical Engineer, Engineer of Informatics]
70-120MHz FM Receiver -  This simple one chip FM receiver / TV tuner will allow you to receive frequencies from 70 up to 120MHz. With this small receiver it is possible to pickup TV stations, entire 88, 108MHz FM band, aircraft conversation and many other private transmissions.....(added 05/06/07)
AN-146: FM Remote Speaker System -  National Semiconductor Application Note  (app note added 07/08/09)
Feedback FM Receiver -  …(electroninc design added 04/05/06)

FM Band Monaural Transmitter -  (Circuit design added 8/03)
FM Band PreAmplifier -  (circuit / schematic design added 6/06)
FM Booster -  .....
FM bug -  Schematic only, no circuit description
FM Microphone -  A micro-transmitter is so small and sensitive, it have only 8 easy-to-get parts and can be assembled in one hour….
FM Microphone -  Here is the super NEW miracle improved "Frequency Modulation Wireless Microphone" (BUG) with added easablilty, readability and copyability.  This was necessitated after the number of E-Mail questions posed by people who were confused by the layout of the project(s). Before proceeding with the interesting bits, please note..... [from Harry Lythall's website]
FM Oscillator -  ASCII format (Circuit design added 10/06)

       FM Receiver Circuits con't

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