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 What the World Needs Now[Issue 2, October 2009]

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Drinking Fountain from Pond Water

There is a nice lake about two miles from my house.  Many people get some exercise by walking around the lake several times. A complete loop is just under a full mile.  I take my two Beagle dogs there about every other day.  I sure wish they had a drinking fountain there. In the summer it can get rather hot.  But, Iím sure part of the problem is that there is no nearby city connection for clean drinkable water.  The lake water itself is not clean enough for drinking. But, Iím wondering if some solution might be devised. Suppose one were to install a custom drinking fountain near the lake. It could be powered by a pole mounted solar panel. 

The panel would power a small pump, which would draw filtered water from the lake and feed it through a reverse osmosis purifier. UV lamps might also be used to kill any bugs left in the water.   The pure water would then be routed to an insulated tank, which would supply water as needed. Spare electricity during the day would power a small refrigeration system, keeping the water cool. Perhaps the tank would hold a 10 or so gallons of cool water.  A simple valve on top of the assembly would dispense clean water to the user.


How nice a drink of water
would be during a run around the lake!

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