Posting Images on the DC Forum

You can post an image in .jpg, .tiff or .gif formats on the DC Forum.   First you need to upload your photo to a website.  Most internet service providers (ISP) will provide space for personal web pages.  Use this space to store your photos.
  1. After you have sized your image to be no larger than 4” square, upload your image (.jpg, .tiff or .gif) to a personal website and either copy or make note of the URL of the image your just uploaded. 

  2. On the DC Forum start in the screen “Post a Rely” (if you are replying to an existing post) or  “Add New Topic” (if you are starting a new topic) 

  3. Note:  If you see “Quick Reply” instead of “Post a Reply” click “Full Reply Form” to get to the “Post a Reply.” 

  4. Type whatever text you which to share.  Put your cursor in the location where you want the picture to appear. 

  5. Below the “Post a Reply” or Add New Top”  box, you will see a box entitled “Instant UBB Code Box. 

  6.  Click the icon “Image”  

  7. When you click on the “Image” icon, paste or type in the complete URL of the photo on your personal website in the new screen that opens.

  8.  Example of complete URL: 

  9. Click OK 

  10. When you have finished adding text, click “Preview Post” to ensure that the image is displaying properly. 

  11. Click “Add Reply” or “Add New Topic” as the case may be.