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Featured Circuit of the Week

Modified Cheap Solar Path Light 

Modification of a typical solar path light with a standard 1000ma-hour NiMH AAA cell. I then replaced the small 4 cell solar panel with a larger 4 cell unit, which produced 150ma in the sun. Next, I simply changed the 470uH coil on the circuit board to a 22uH coil. The lower inductance increased the battery current to 40ma when the LED light was on, which translated to about 13ma LED current. The light was much brighter… [Circuit designed by David A. Johnson P.E., 05/4/2014]

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David A. Johnson, P.E. is an electronics engineer with over 30 years
practical experience  in the areas of analog & digital design, fiber optics
and RFID.  Electronics is his vocation, hobby and passion. 
He is a published author with articles and designs in EDN, Electric Design, and Popular Electronics.   Throughout his career, Dave's imaginative approach to design has resulted in applying new technologies  in creative and cost saving ways. 

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