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08/31/2014:   Isolated AC Current Monitor Circuit
 The hobby circuit below shows how a small current transformer from Magnetek can be used to monitor AC current to a load.  The AC voltage developed at the secondary of the transformer can be scaled so it can be read by any digital multimeter.  The transformer… [Hobby Corner Circuit by Dave Johnson, May 2012]

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Faraday Switches are tiny one inch cube electronic modules using a capacitance change technique.  They draw very low current and are ideal for battery powered applications. 
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David A. Johnson, P.E. is an electronics engineer with over 30 years
practical experience in the areas of analog & digital design, fiber optics
and RFID.  Electronics is his vocation, hobby and passion. 

He is a published author with articles and designs in EDN, Electric Design, and Popular Electronics.   Throughout his career, Dave's imaginative approach to design has resulted in applying new technologies
in creative and cost saving ways. 

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