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2 Input Mixer -  (electronic circuit added 1/03)
2 Line Output Combiner -  Convert consumer equipment stereo signal to mono or combine audio signal from two different equipments to1-input (added 4/02)
2-Input Mixer -  As simple as it gets.  mixer consists of two transistor-based preAmplifiers.  first one (designated "Mike in") offers higher gain. it works well with a regular dynamic microphone.  second one can be used to control audio input from a tape recorder/CD player.  (added 6/06)
3 Line Mixer -  .(electronic schematic added 08/08)
6 Input Mixer (Andy Collinson) -  The mixer circuit below has 3 line inputs and 3 mic inputs. The mic inputs are suitable for low impedance 200-1000R dynamic microphones. An ECM or condenser mic can also be used, but must have bias applied via a series resistor. As with any mixer circuit, a slight loss is always introduced. The final summing amplifier has a gain of 2 or 6dB to overcome this. The Input line level should be around 200mV RMS....(schematic added 08/08/08)

Audio Signal Source -  Electronic Circuit design (added 02/05)
Audio Voice-Over Circuit -  (electronic design added 6/07)
Circuit to Connect Telephone Equipment to Audio Mixer -  I have used this type of circuits for quick testing of telephone equipment.  This is a quick hack that does not exactly resemble the characteristics of the real telephone network, but is enough for this kind if applications. If you want better simulation, change the resistor to 600 ohm and increase the power supply voltage. And by the way....(added 11/05)
Ever Amplifier Bridging -  a design for a simple add-on bridging adapter for stereo power amplifiers (added 4/02)
FET audio mixer (Aaron Cake) -  This simple circuit mixes two or more channels into one channel (eg. stereo into mono).(circuit added 7/02)
High Quality Sound Mixer -  very ambitious and expected to be very expensive mixer project, modular design (added 4/02)

Audio Mixer Circuits:   #'s-H      I- P      Q-Z

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