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Battery Backup Circuits
Last Updated on: Monday, March 09, 2015 04:12 AM

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:
Battery Backup Converter uses One NiCd Cell -  02/03/97 EDN-Design Ideas  Notebook computers and or portable equipment often use a backup battery to retain memory contents during replacement of  main battery. Such "bridge batteries" usually consist of five or six series-connected NiCd coin cells. They're expected to keep  system alive for approximately 5 minutes—plenty of time to swap batteries.... [Design Idea by David Bell, Linear Technology, Milpitas, CA]
Buck converter handles battery-backup system -  24-Apr-03 Issue of EDN  A synchronous buck converter is inherently bidirectional. That is, it transfers energy from input to output as a buck regulator when the output voltage is low, but, when the output voltage is high, the converter acts as a boost regulator, transferring power from output to input.  This Design Idea shows how to use this bidirectional energy transfer to automatically recharge a battery when the mai.... [Design Idea by Haresh Patel, Linear Technology Corp, Milpitas, CA]

Emergency Lighting Systems & Battery Powered Fluorescent Lighting -  Zetec Semiconductors  Applications Notes An overview of the principles behind typical emergency lighting systems, fluorescent tube behaviour, and the requirements of the transistors for efficient voltage inversion. The note also includes two "Royer" based designs for low voltage systems.   (app note added 2/06)
Emergency Power -  This unit was constructed in a plastic 4-outlet juction box ($5 from Home Depot).  The front panel is cut from 60-thou Lexan, and a scrapped Pep-Boys battery charger provided the transformer.  The PIC16F870 keeps track of battery voltage as well as both charging and discharging currents. ….(design added 08/08) [Luhan Monat - Mesa Arizona]
Memory Supply Includes Battery Backup -  02/03/97 EDN-Design Ideas  [Design Idea added 6/06] EDN migrating links. This link is not verified.  Search the "title" EDN for new link.
Microcontroller provides SRAM battery backup -  26-Jun-03 Issue of EDN  To maintain content in the event of power loss, many designs that include SRAM require a dedicated device that can automatically switch from a standard power supply to battery operation. Microcontrollers seldom find use in power-switching applications. Because microcontrollers typically operate from the primary power supply, they stop execution if that supply drops, thereby making it impossible.... [Design Idea by Dave Bordui, Cypress Semiconductor, Orlando, FL]

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