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Lithium Ion Battery Charger Circuits  Page 1
Battery Charges      Alkaline       Lead Acid       

Last Updated on: Tuesday, April 01, 2014 04:28 AM
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Circuits Designed by Dave Johnson, P.E. :

  • Battery Amp-hour Capacity Tester
    I bought some lithium ion rechargeable batteries a while back. I was planning on using them to modify some solar powered LED spot lights.  What I like about these new batteries is that they are the same size as a standard 1.5v alkaline AA cell.  With such a package, I can use a standard AA battery holder.  The battery manufacturer claims an amp-hour capacity of 2.2 amp-hours.  Usually, these amp-hour figures are made using rather small loads, conducted over a long period of time.  If Iím going to use these things for some solar powered pathway spot lights, I need to know what operating time to expect.  How long would these cells last if I pull about 20ma from them?  What voltage should I use to terminate the test?...
  • Lithium Ion Battery Charger Using LT1129
    I have been designing a number of solar powered devices lately.  Many of them use just a single 3.6v lithium ion battery.  These batteries like to be charged from a fixed 4.2v source with a charging current limited to about C/8, where C is the milliamp-hour rating of the part.  When being charged from a small solar panel, the panel should be selected so the charging current does not exceed C/8.  In such cases, there is no need for additional charging current control.  However, some mechanism is still needed to prevent the battery from discharging back into the solar panel, when the panel is in darkness.  Usually, a diode is inserted between the battery and the charge control circuit.
Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:
16hv785: Programmable Lithium & Nickel Battery Charger -  Microchip Application Note Published 26-Jan-06  (app note added 2/06)
2 Cell Lithium Ion Battery Charger -  This circuit was build to charge a couple series Lithium cells (3.6 volts each, 1 Amp Hour capacity) installed in a portable transistor radio. The charger operates by supplying a short current pulse through a series resistor and then monitoring the battery voltage to determine if another pulse is required. The current can be adjusted by changing the series resistor or adjusting the input voltage.... [Designed by Bill Bowden]
A Minature Low Dropout Battery Charger for Lithium-Ion Batteries -  DN239  Design Notes (Linear Technology) (app note added 2/06)
A Very Low Cost SOT-23 Li-ION Battery Charger Requires Little Area & Few Components -  DN250  Design Notes (Linear Technology) (app note added 2/06)
Add charging status to simple lithium-ion charger -  2-Oct-08 Issue of EDN  By adding a few simple components to a single-cell Li-ion charger IC, you can get LEDs that indicate charging and charge completed.... [Design Idea by Peter T Miller, Applied Inspirations, Bethlehem, CT]

Advanced Topology USB Battery Charger Optimizes Power Utilization for Faster Charging -  DN336  Design Notes (Linear Technology) (app note added 2/06)
AN1012: 16hv785: Programmable Lithium & Nickel Battery Charger -  Microchip Application Note Published 26-Jan-06  (app note added 2/06)
AN26 Fast Charging Batteries with Zetex High Current PNP Transistors & Benchmarq Controller ICs -  Zetec Semiconductors  Applications Notes High current, fast switching PNP transistors are capable of replacing large packaged P-Channel MOSFETs, when attention is paid to  base drive requirements.  This enables space and performance efficient designs at much reduced cost.   (app note added 6/06)
AN40 Lithium Ion Battery Charging using Bipolar Transistors -  Zetec Semiconductors  Applications NotesThis application note explores  different types of charge techniques and associated discrete pass elements, highlighting  dominant discrete parameters and selection criteria for each charging technique.   (app note added 2/06)
AN667: Smart Battery Charger with Smbus Interface -  Microchip Application Note Published 26-Aug-97  (app note added 2/06)
AN947: Power Management in Portable Applications: Charging Lithium-Ion/Lithium-Polymer Batteries -  Microchip Application Note Published 22-Jul-04  (app note added 2/06)

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