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Math Function: Differentiator
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Log-ratio Amplifier has six-decade dynamic range -  27-Nov-03 EDN-Design Ideas You need optical-power monitoring to guarantee overall system performance in fiber-optic communication systems.  Logarithmic-signal processing can maintain precise measurements over a wide dynamic range.  The wide-dynamic-range signal undergoes compression, and the use of a lower resolution measurement system then saves cost__ Circuit Design by Reza Moghimi, Analog Devices, San Jose, CA

Passive Differentiator Tops Active Design -  04/28/94 EDN-Design Ideas The simple, passive differentiator in Fig 1 achieves accurate differentiation even at frequencies approaching the limit, fO=1/(2[pi]RC].  The circuit surpasses the performance of an op-amp-based differentiator.  The trick is to add a carefully selected inductor,Circuit Design  EDN Design Idea  Stan Bleszynski, Applied Micro Electronics Ltd, Dublin, Ireland


Simplify computer-aided engineering with scientific-to-engineering conversion -  09/30/04 EDN-Design Ideas The simple yet useful formula in This design idea enables conversion from scientific format(for example, 2.2 9], which is typical for CAE(computer-aided-engineering], double-precision output Page includes several designs.  Scroll to find this one__ Circuit Design by Alexander Bell, Infosoft International, Rego Park, NY


Differentiator Circuits

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