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Digital  / Logic Circuits 
Digital Circuits:   #'s - C       D - G       H - M       N - R       S - T       U - Z

Last Updated on: Thursday, November 30, 2017 04:23 PM

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

The Minispot 455kHz Modulated Oscillator -  The Minispot produces a 455kHz carrier waveform which is amplitude-modulated with a 500Hz tone.  You can use it to align the intermediate frequency  (IF) stages of any AM broadcast or shortwave radio.__ SiliconChip

The Nick-Off Bad Cat Deterrent -  Do you have a miscreant "puddy-tat" that likes to jump on kitchen benches  (or worse) ? It can be a real problem, especially at night when no-one is looking.  The Nick-Off Cat Deterrent  (aka the Ted-Off) is the perfect solution.  It uses an infrared sensor to detect said cat and triggers an answering machine to play back simulated, demented barking.  It also lights two white LEDs which form the eyes of an angry dog.__ SiliconChip

The OZTrip Car Computer: Part One -  Versatile design can also be used as a rally computer or a boat fuel computer.__ SiliconChip

The OzTrip Car Computer: Part Two -  Building, installing and calibrating this brilliant new car computer.__ SiliconChip

The PICAXE Part 6-Data Communications -  PICAXEs can actually talk to each via a piece of wet string  (but you might want to use wire.) __ SiliconChip

The PICAXE Part 7-Get that Clever Code Purring -  Program in some Morse Code and start communicating.__ SiliconChip

The PICAXE Part 8-A Datalogger & Sending it to Sleep -  To sleep, perchance to dream  (or nap)(and PICAXE datalogging too!) __ SiliconChip

The PICAXE- Part 9: Keyboards 101 -  Build a PS2 to RS-232 converter and send data from a keyboard to a remote terminal or LCD display via a 2-wire interface.__ SiliconChip

The PICAXE-Part 8: the 18X Series -  You've guessed it: the Picaxe 08 chip has several big brothers.  Here's a look at the "18A" version, along with a simple temperature sensor.__ SiliconChip

The PortaPAL Public Address System-Part 1 -  It's packed with features, is easy to build and rivals commercial systems costing much more__ SiliconChip

The SC480 50W RMS Amplifier Module-Part 1 -  At last!- an amplifier module to replace the venerable ETI-480.It has less distortion, is much quieter, has inbuilt protection and sounds a lot better.__ SiliconChip

The SC480 50W RMS Amplifier Module-Part 2 -  Everything you need to know about putting together this outstanding new power amplifier module  (covers both versions) .__ SiliconChip

The SportSync Audio Delay Module -  Many sports fans feel that radio commentary is better than that on TV, particularly commercial TV.  To eliminate the annoyance of the TV commentary  (and the adverts) they want to turn down the sound on the TV and listen to the radio instead.  But the delay in the live TV broadcast causes a major problem.  This simple project lets you delay the commentary on the radio to match the action on your TVand it's remote controlled.__ SiliconChip

The USB MIDI-Mate: a MIDI Interface for PCs -  An up-to-date MIDI interface for PCs__ SiliconChip

Theater Home Project -  PIC Project  This unit is designed to interface: TV sound, videotape sound, and 5.1 dvd sound to a 4 channel home theater system.   __ Designed by Luhan MonatMesa Arizona

Three Do-It-Yourself PIC Programmer Kits -  These low-cost kits are easy to build, come with sample programs and are just the shot for getting started.__ SiliconChip

Throttle Interface for the DC Motor Speed Controller -  Last month, we presented the High-Power Reversible DC Motor Speed Controller.  Here is a companion controller which works with a motorcycle-style throttle control.  It also features a forward/reverse switch to control the motor direction.__ SiliconChip

Timer for Fans & Lights -  This simple circuit provides a turn-off delay for a 230VAC light or a fan.  It can be used to make a bathroom fan run for a set period after the switch has been turned off or it can be used with a pushbutton to turn a light on for a specific time.  The timer circuit consumes no standby power when the load is off.__ SiliconChip

Timer has independent on/off period -  03/28/96 EDN-Design Ideas You can easily implement a long-interval digital timer using the popular 4060 oscillator-divider IC.  However, in repetitive-timer applications, this IC produces equal on and off times.  The circuit in Figure 1 allows you to set different on and off times; the state of the timer’s Q14 output automatically selects one of two independent RC time constants __ Circuit Design by Sanjay R Chendvankar, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay, India

Time-tag impulses with zero-crossing -  24-Jan-02 EDN-Design Ideas A "constant-fraction discriminator" usually performs the time-tagging of impulsive events, which have a peaking time of the signal amplitude.  The implementation of this technique requires a delay in the input signal of approximately the same amount as the signal's rise time.  You can attain this delay by using a coaxial cable of an appropriate length __ Circuit Design by Elio Rossi, Itesre-CNR, Bologna, Italy

Tiny 2313 Project Development Board -  This is my first time using the AVR.  I like to learn using the ATTiny 2313, because it is faster than MCS-51, cheap and the circuit is very simple.  The chip has only 20 pins.  I was interested because I want to build a simple line follower robot controlled by this MCU.   __ Designed by Tahan Prahara

Tiptronic-Style' Gear Indicator -  It's easy to build and indicates the selected gear in both manual and automatic cars on a digital readout.__ SiliconChip

Touch and/or Remote Controlled Light Dimmer -  Old-fashioned light dimmers with knobs are passe! This one dims up or down at a touch or you can use an infared remote control.__ SiliconChip

Touch and/or Remote Controlled Light Dimmer-Part 2 -  Completing the construction and building the touchplate and pushbutton dimmer extensions.__ SiliconChip

Touch KeypA - D -  This board layout was created using the SOIC version of a PIC16F627A without drawing the usual schematic first.  Most of the part values are etched on the Layout.  The SIP resistor packs I used are 10k ohm, some experimentation with this value may be useful __ Designed by Luhan MonatMesa Arizona

Touch Switch -  PIC Project   __ Designed by Luhan MonatMesa Arizona

Toy Car Hack -  This car measures just 5 1/2 inches in length.  It was sold as a remote control car for $19.95 at Fry's Electronics here in Phoenix.  Powered by 4 AAA batteries, it has a small dc motor and a very interesting steering mechanism.   (08/08/08)  __ Designed by Luhan MonatMesa Arizona

Transistor Forms RS-232C Digital Thermometer -  05/09/96 EDN-Design Ideas An ordinary transistor can serve as an uncalibrated temperature sensor (Figure 1) for an accurate, PC-compatible thermometer.  Unadjusted accuracy is more than0.5°:C over the -50 to +50°C range, and the only limitation on resolution is the time devoted to measurement acquisition __ Circuit Design by WS Woodward, University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill

Transmit Arinc 429 Data -  07/11/02 EDN-Design Ideas The ARINC  (Aeronautical Radio Inc] 429 specification defines the air transport industry's hardware and protocol standards for the transfer of digital data between avionics systems.  Circuitry that can implement elements of the 429 sp __ Circuit Design by Steve Woodward, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

Tremolo Unit for Musicians -  Jazz up your music with this easy to build unit.__ SiliconChip

Trigger a TTL from ECL levels -  11/08/01 EDN-Design Ideas ECL circuits typically have relatively small logic spans of approximately 800 mV.  Because of the small span, to drive TTL circuits from ECL levels normally entails the use of level converters, such as the MC10125, or comparators.  Such circuits are relatively power-hungry and expensive.  However, they are sometimes simply unnecessary __ Circuit Design by Lukasz Sliwczynski, University of Mining and Metallurgy, Krakow, Poland

Triggering a Logic Analyzer on Complex Physical Buses -  Application Note__ Aligent

TTL Pulse Reading Logic Probe -  This circuit uses LEDs to display logic states for high, low, rising pulse, and falling pulse, it is generally useful for debugging logic circuitry.   __ Designed by G. Forrest Cook

Turn an old XBox into a $200 Multimedia Player -  The Microsoft X-Box gaming console has been replaced with the X-Box 360 and that makes secondhand X-Boxes very cheap indeed.__ SiliconChip

Twin-Engine SpeedMatch Indicator for Boats -  Avoid unnecessary noise and vibration in twin-engine boats by using this Twin Engine SpeedMatch Indicator.  It comprises a meter that is centred when both motors are running at the same speed.  When the motors are not matched in revs, the meter shows which motor is running faster and by how much.__ SiliconChip

Two DDS ICs implement Amplitude shift keying -  12/25/03 EDN-Design Ideas Many communications systems, including RFID systems and cable modems, use AM   (amplitude modulation].  This design idea shows how two DDS   (direct-digital-synthesis] devices can implement AM and ASK   (amplitude-shift keying] over a range of frequencies.  The AD9834 complete 50-MHz DDS IC   (Figure 1) has a current output, so you can easily sum the outputs of two orof them by connecting them to a __ Circuit Design by Noel McNamara, Analog Devices, Limerick, Ireland

Two gates & a microprocessor form digital PLL -  04/14/05 EDN-Design Ideas Low-frequency PLL needs just a processor and gates __ Circuit Design by Kenneth Martin, TareTronics Inc, Corinth, MS

Two Gates Expand ASICs Memory Decoding Range -  03/29/01 EDN-Design Ideas Many electronic circuits implement chip-select lines on an ASIC.  From  beginning of  design cycle,  chip selects, CS0 to CS4, have defined bases on  memory map   (Figure 1) .  Adding functions __ Circuit Design by Vinh Hoang, Ericsson Inc, Brea, CA

Two Toslink-S/PDIF Audio Converters to Build -  Do you have a DVD or CD player with a TOSLINK  (optical) output but only coaxial S/PDIF inputs on your amplifier? Or do you have the opposite problem? What about hum from your speakers when running digital audio via a coaxial cable? With these simple converters you can easily solve these problems.__ SiliconChip

Two Transistors Form Bidirectional Level Translator -  11/07/96 EDN-Design Ideas This example illustrates a translation from 5 to 3V, but it can accommodate almost any other voltage levels, provided the logic-low levels are equal   (usually0V].  Translations from 1 to 100V are possible, albeit rather slow.  The key to this circuit is the unusual cross-coupling of the emitters __ Circuit Design by Jim Hagerman, Nokia Mobile Phones, San Diego, CA

Two-Chips Simplify Layout for High-End Embedded Control -  04/01/99 EDN-Design Ideas NOTE :  File contains many designs.   Scroll to this one.   If you are considering using one of the 32- or 64-bit RISC µPs from Integrated Device Technology   (IDT], the company’s new RC32134 and RC64145 system-controller ICs   (Picture] can make your job easier.  The chips provide synchronous-DRAM, memory, and I/O control; a PCI interface; and peripherals, including UARTs, timers, and interrupt controllers.  The 32134 for the RC32364 µP provIdeas a glueless interface to DRAM Page includes several designs.   __ Circuit Design by Graham Prophet

Two-DDS ICs implement Amplitude shift keying -  12/25/03  EDN-Design Ideas Many communications systems, including RFID systems and cable modems, use AM  (amplitude modulation].  This Design Idea shows how two DDS  (direct-digital-synthesis] devices can implement AM and ASK  (amplitude-shift keying] over a range __ Circuit Design by Noel McNamara, Analog Devices, Limerick, Ireland

Two-gates & a microprocessor form digital PLL -  04/14/05  EDN-Design Ideas Low-frequency PLL needs just a processor and gates __ Circuit Design by Kenneth Martin, TareTronics Inc, Corinth, MS

Two-IC combines digital & analog signals to make multiplier -  EDN-Design Ideas 01/29/2013    Combining a PWM signal with an analog signal and low-passing the result effectively multiplies the analog signal by a digital value __ Circuit Design by Rick Mally, Independent Designs LLC, Denver

Two-Transistors Form Bidirectional Level Translator -  You often need to convert a logic signal from one power supply voltage to another.  This conversion is a relatively simple task, unless the signal happens to be bi-directional.  Serial buses such as Access.  bus, I2C, and SBI use bi-directional data lines.  Some buses may require translating logic from one voltage to another; for example[Jim Hagerman, Nokia Mobile Phones, San Diego, CA] __ Designed by Jim Haggerman, Hagerman Technology LLC

Two-Way SPDIF/Toslink Digital Audio Converter -  Need to convert the Toslink digital audio optical signal from your DVD player into coaxial SPDIF form, to feed the only remaining digital input on your home-theatre amplifier? Or do you want to convert from a coaxial SPDIF signal to Toslink form? This low-cost unit converts digital audio bitstreams either way.__ SiliconChip

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Digital or Logic Circuits:  #'s - C       D - G       H - M       N - R       S - T       U - Z

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