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A Fourth Generation of LCD Backlight Technology -  Linear Technology AN65 __ Designed by Jim WilliamsNov 1st, 1995

A Moving Message Display -  It's easy to build, easy to program, easy on the pocket and easy on the eye.__ SiliconChip

A Precision Wideband Current Probe for LCD Backlight Measurement -  DN101 Design Notes__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

A Smart Mixture Display for Your Car -  A 10-LED display indicates the fuel mixture, while a small buzzer sounds if the mixtures go dangerously lean.__ SiliconChip

Active-Matrix LCD Bias Supply Operates from Battery Input -  02/03/00 EDN-Design Ideas Many active-matrix-LCD applications need multiple voltages for thin-film-transistor    (TFT]bias.  Typically, three voltages are necessary5V forcolumn driver; a positive voltage, such as 10V; and a negative voltage, such -5V, for  __ Circuit Design by Michael Shrivathson, National Semiconductor Corp, Santa Clara, CA

Adapt Differential Input to Drive Coax -  05/08/97 EDN-Design Ideas Uses an HFA1100 or HFA1105 to convert a balanced input signal to a single-ended output signal, uses positive feedback to characteristic-impedance matching while increasing the available output swing, as compared with using a simp __ Circuit Design by Donald Whitney Jr, Harris Semiconductor, Melbourne, FL

AIR display -  A Noisemaker without noise.  A simple rotating display.  Just spin and enjoy.  While the "Air display" is rotating, it writes the message on the air.  Because the "persistence of the vision", you will be able to read the message.  Circuit, see JP6293E.  gif.  Download the HEX file, Program the PIC with JP6293E.  hex.  Algorithm, Build your own Air Display using code.  txt __ Designed by Jose Pino

All-In-One Twisted-PaIR Video Line Receiver, Cable Equalizer & Display Driver -  Twisted pair exhibits a rolloff characteristic that requires equalization to correct for, so this circuit shows a suitable feedback network that accomplishes this.  Here again the outstanding common mode rejection of the LT6552 is harnessed to eliminate stray pickup that occurs in long cable runs.  __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Mar 25th 2010

Alphanumeric LED Display Project -  A phenomenal 256-diode ROM acts as a character generator for a two-digit hexadecimal display.   __ Contact: David Cook

An Up / Down Digital Counter with 7 Segment LED Displays -  REVISED   Really as Simple as you can get and has 4 Displays __ Designed by G.L. Chemelec

AN49Illumination Circuitry for Liquid Crystal Displays -  Linear Technology AN49 __ Designed by Jim WilliamsAug 23rd, 1992

AN55Techniques for 92% Efficient LCD Illumination -  Linear Technology AN55 __ Designed by Jim WilliamsAug 1st, 1993

AN65A Fourth Generation of LCD Backlight Technology -  Linear Technology AN65 __ Designed by Jim WilliamsNov 1st, 1995

AN81Ultracompact LCD Backlight Inverters -  Linear Technology AN81 __ Designed by Jim WilliamsSep 1st, 1999

Animated LED Signboard PIC16C84 -  Schematic only, no circuit description __ Designed by Lewin A.R.W. Edwards

Animated Weather LED Display -  21-Mar-14 -Design News:   This project displays the weather in the form of an animation on an LED matrix  (32x32 resolution or 1024 LEDs) .  The Raspberry Pi is periodically pulling weather conditions from the Internet and then sending a corresponding animated gif weather animation to the IOIO board and LED display.  IOIO is an __ Gadget Freak-Case #252

ArroW & Line Running LED's -  Our ARROWERL10 has many applications; fill your party with running blinking ARROWERS.  Mount the ARROWER on your bicycle so you'll be more visible and have a safer ride when signaling.  Mount it on a sign as an direction indication.  Place ARROWER anywhere you’d like to draw attention and a smile.  The unique small design will allow you to mount it almost anywhere.   __ Contact: Kit from Elich Industrial Development, Corp

AT89C2051/4051 Scanning 7 Segment Display & KeypA - D -  Since the output buffer ofP1 can sink 20mA    (each output pin, but maximum IOL for all outputs was limited at 80mA) , thus we can use P1 to drive LED display directly.  As shown in the circuit, Two common-anode 7-segment LEDs are connected to P1 with 180 Ohms current limiting resistor.  Each segment of two LED __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

Audio Bargraph Display -  An easy to use LED bargraph display to monitor audio levels.  Circuit monitors a single channel, so build two for stereo.   __ Designed by Andy Collison

Audio noise generator drives earphones or small speaker  -  This is a circuit that generates white noise, rolled-off to drive earphones or a small speaker.  White noise creates is a "rushing" sound, which sounds something like air rushing by your ear    (s) .  White noise would be flat with frequency, and since this circuit rolls off within the audio range, I refer to it as "rolled-off" noise.  White    (or rolled-off) noise __ Designed by Dick Cappels

Automatic Dual Output Display -  This circuit lights up ten bulbs sequentially, first in one direction and then in the opposite direction,thus presenting a nice visual effect.In this circuit, gates N1 and N2 form an oscillator....__ Electronics Projects for You

Automatic Rain Gauge with Digital Readout -  It collects, measures, records and empties.  Best of all, you don't have to leave the house.__ SiliconChip

AVR 2x16 LCD & 4x4 keypad driver -  Connect some 2x16 characters LCD display and 4x4 keypad with AVR microcontroller __ Designed by © Vassilis Serasidis

Balanced Line Driver & Receiver -  Use these to eliminate hum for long signal leads __ Designed by Rod Elliott  ESP

Bandpass filter features adjustable Q & constant maximum gain -  3-Mar-05 EDN-Design Ideas Applications such as audio equalizers require bandpass filters with a constant maximum gain that's independent of the filter's quality factor, Q.  However, all of the well-known filter architectures—Sallen-Key, multiple-feedback, state-variable, and Tow-Thomas—suffer from altered maximum gain when Q varies __ Circuit Design by Herminio Martínez, Joan Domingo, Juan Gmiz, and Antoni Grau, Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain

Bicycle LED POV (persistence of vision display) LED display -  Bicycle LED POV is an electronic LED bar to attach on bicycle wheels.  When riding the bicycle, the LED bar will draw with light, text messages and image animations.  Custom text messages and animations will be drawn on a PC software and downloaded using an USB cable.

Big 7-Segment LED Display Board with SPI Interface -  Easy build and use, the general purpose Big LED with SPI serial interfacing.  Expandable for multiple digits but still uses only three wires for receiving data from any uC boards.   __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

Big LED Clock -  The circuit uses a serial-in-parallel out shift register, 74HC595 for receiving serial data from uController board.  See example of U5 in the schematic, SER is for data input, SRCLK is shift clock and RCLK is Latch clock.  Each data bit is shifted into the register on rising edge of the shift clock.  When all data bits are shifted into the 8-bit register, the rising edge of RCLK will clock the data to be latched at each output bit, i.e.  QAQH. __ Designed by Wichit Sirichote

Binary clock -  This clock displays the time in binary using discrete LEDs.  The use of Flowcode [1] makes it very easy to program the PIC controller in this project.  The circuit is very simple.  must register on this site __ Designed by Hans Summers

Binary clock using LED matrix to display a binary clock with 6 digits of 4 binary bits each -  Timing and oscillator circuit diagrams / circuit schematics __ Designed by John Main

Blinking Arrow -  17 LEDs in four groups bar-mode sequence. Suitable for shop-windows animation etc__ Designed byFlavio Dellepiane

Buffered Input Multiplexer/ADC Driver -  The LT6556 is a complete 3-channel wideband video 2:1 multiplexer with internally set gain of one.  This part is ideal as an input port receiver for HD component or high-resolution RGB video products.  The basic application circuit is shown in Figure 35, with 1kΩ output loads to represent subsequent processing circuitry    (the__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Mar 25th 2010

Buffered RGB to Color-Difference Matrix -  Two LT1399s can be used to create buffered color difference signals from RGB inputs.  In this application, four amplifiers are used to create color difference signals.  The luminance signal Y is created using amplifiers A2 and A3.  The remaining color-difference signals each use a single amplifier and the newly created Y output__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Mar 25th 2010

Build your own printer cable LCD Display -  Connecting a LCD display to your personal computer is an easy job.  Displaying data from your PC to a LCD can be proven very exiting, so give it a try and build your own today! In this article we will use a 2 lines x 16 characters LCD display with Hitachi HD44780 onboard controller  __ Contact: IQ Technologies

Build Your Team a Professional Sports Scoreboard; Pt.1 -  Inductance & Q-Factor Meter, Pt.2__ SiliconChip

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