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Resume of  David A. Johnson, P.E.
David A. Johnson, PE     -   DiscoverCircuits.com
6601 County Road 6410    Lubbock, TX  79416-9717

Phone:  806-368-7747 Central Time Zone          email: Dave Johnson

  • Published many articles and circuits in EDN, Electronic Design, Popular Electronics and Midnight Engineering magazines. Produced an extensive 10MB Internet web site that promotes consulting engineering services. The site also has a 250+ page e-zine of useful information on general science, technology, creativity, science experiments, inventing and electro optics.
  • Developed several families of touch activated AC and DC electronic switches. Switches were mostly used to control lights, doors and intercoms in jail cells. Switches had to survive severe abuse without requiring replacement. Designed and developed a complete jail door control and monitoring system for Colorado Arapahoe County jail as well as several other jails in Texas, Florida, New York and California. Sent the line of products through CSA, CKC and UL safety testing programs. Developed another line of very low power DC capacitance proximity switches. One switch operates up to 5 years on a single 1.5v button battery.
  • Designed, built and successfully demonstrated an optical through the air communications link with a range of 6 miles. Also demonstrated the feasibility of using clouds as large light pulse reflectors. In addition, conducted tests on atmospheric attenuation of light pulses under various weather conditions. Proposed methods for a 40 mile telemetry link using a xenon flash light source. Proposed uses for nitrogen spark light sources. Uses included optical radar and long range distance measurements. Proposed a wide area optical information broadcasting system that would cover an entire metropolitan area with high speed data services.
  • Designed and developed several new consumer products, including cordless telephones, combustible gas detectors, smoke detectors, backup alarms, anti-carjacking alarms, coin operated panorama telescopes and motion intrusion alarms. The motion alarm worked on the basis of monitoring the disturbance of the earth's natural electric field. Wrote patent papers on the intrusion alarm system.
  • Solved a large number of engineering, industrial and medical instrumentation problems for a variety of companies. Designed and built many custom test stations and fixtures.   Advised many companies on ways to reduce manufacturing cost and improve quality.   Led brainstorm sessions to produce new product ideas and new applications for existing products.
  • Constructed many special test stations and special instruments for explosive devices, including initiator testers for Ford and GM airbags. Designed and constructed explosive flash detector/timer monitors. Monitors measured and tested the delay between primer impact and actual explosion. Designed and constructed a laser welder process controller. Controller used an optical fiber probe to monitor and count laser light flashes during welding. Designed a computer controlled test station to test components used on the Trident missile.
  • Evaluated a special color NTSC video enhancement circuit for use in consumer TVs for a large cable company. Designed and built a prototype circuit to test picture improvements. Wrote detailed report of findings. Also designed and built several custom video signal test generators that were used in medial camera applications.



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Imagineering Ezine    Discover Solar Energy Dave Johnson & Associates Faraday Touch Switches

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