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Electronic Lock Circuits, Page 1
Electronic Locks:  #-C     D-E     F-Z

Last Updated on:
Monday, July 11, 2016 02:00 PM

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1-button lock provides high security -  03/04/99 EDN Design Idea   Figure 1 is the block diagram of an easily programmed, single-button combination lock. You operate the lock by using a series of short and long pulses from a momentary switch that masquerades as a doorbell button. The circuit use. . .  [by Maxwell Strange, Fulton,MD]


5 Digit Alarm Keypad -  This is an enhanced 5 digit keypad which may be used with the Modular Alarm System. This switch will suit the Modular Burglar Alarm circuit. However, it also has other applications. The Keypad must be the kind with a common terminal and a separate connection for each key. On a 12-key pad, look for 13 terminals. The matrix type with 7 terminals will NOT do. Choose the five keys. . .  [Andy Collison's website]


AN728: Remote Keyless Entry & Convenience Center Reference Design with LIN Bus Interface -  Application Note Published 26-Sep-02. . .  [Microchip]

Automatic Door Opener with PIC12c508 -  This circuit can be used to operate an electric strike or an electromagnetic lock on a door. It is not the door being opened/closed, but a small electromagnetic strike which unlocks the door. The opener has the following features currently programmed in software. . .  [Peter Jakab, Electrical Engineer, Engineer of Informatics]


Automatic Room-lock and Lights circuit -  This circuit counts and indicates up to nine persons present in the room and automatically locks the door and switches off lights as soon as they leave. It automatically switches on the lights when the first person enters the room. The circuit can be used as a power-saving device and a security device to prevent unauthorised entry in the room, especially in a business meeting room. . . .  [ EFY Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved.]

Code Lock with ATMEL AVR  -  CodeLock AVR electronic combination lock is realized with Atmel AVR microcontroller AT90S2313 or ATtiny2313.Program in hex code is 2 kB long. User code is consisted of 1 to 4 digits. If you buy the chip than user code is consisted of 1 to 8 digits. If the code is entered in the correct sequence, then after 1 second the relay and the electric striker (in the door) switch on for 1 second and then switch off again. User code can be changed via 3x4 matrix keypad. Keypad for CodeLock can be bought at local electronic shop. Initial user code (1234) is set up with a jumper. The jumper must be inserted before the voltage (12V) connection. The jumper must be removed after 2 beeps (after 5 to 15 seconds). . . . 


Combination Digital Lock -  A multiple input combination loack using CMOS counter IC's. Flexibility and code change is allowed by changing output connections. . . .  [Circuit designed by Andy Collison]


Combination Lock -  The Circuit Board is Designed to accept 2 types of Drive transistors. I Used a 2N3906 in this schematic, but for Higher Current Drive for a Solenoid, You can use Various T0-220 PNP types of transistors. USE ONLY ONE OR THE OTHER, NOT BOTH. In the Picture, I just put a Resistor and LED, where the Solenoid should go. . . .  [G.L. Chemelec]


Combination lock -  Operate your gate or something different by this simple electronic combination lock. The combination can have a chosen length of numbers or alphabets, and can be changed any time. The LCD display is optional, the circuit works fine without it. After entering the correct combination, a relay is operated for the predefined time. . .  [Peter Jakab, Electrical Engineer, Engineer of Informatics]


Combination Lock -  Combination lock are nice to enable alarms, but are useful for controlling a wide range of electric devices. These software keys can open gates, garages, TV sets, telephones, VCRs, well pumps. . . In practice this circuit is capable to lock or time all the devices that can be connected to relays. . . .  [Projects & Ideas from Nutchip.com]


Combination Lock (PIC16F84) -  RF pad (doubles as serial-pad) combination-controlled, fully customizable radio frequency remote control. Perfect as a remote replacement for access control and for switching on/off burglar alarms, it emits an RF code every time you digit the correct combination on its keyboard. . .  [Alberto Ricci Bitto]


Combination Lock for Car Liftgate -  . . .  [Circuit designed by Jon Fick]


Combination Lock PIC16F84 -  . . .  [Circuit designed by Jon Fick]


Combination Locks -  This circuit uses 4013 D-type bi-stable flip-flops (D stands for data). Each flip-flop has a data input and a clock input. The voltage applied to the input is transferred to the Q output at the instant when the clock input goes from 0 to 1. (We say these flip-flops are "edge-triggered". ) switches 1, 2, 3 and 4 are the switches which form the code and any number of "wrong" switches can be connected, in parallel, at the point shown. . . .  [ David Hoult 2013]


Combination Lock -  a digital lock with keypad - enter the correct code to operate a solenoid. Based around ua3731. . .  [by P. Townshend - EduTek Ltd]


Combination Lock2 -  a digital lock with switches. A nifty circuit i'm chuffed with, based around just 2 logic ics!. . .  [by P. Townshend - EduTek Ltd]

Electronic Locks:  #-C     D-E     F-Z

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