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Frequency Doubler Circuits

Last Updated: October 24, 2017 02:54 PM

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

750 MHz Power Doubler & Push-Pull CATV Hybird Modules Using Gallium Arsenide 3/21/96  -  Application Note  Doc #920  [California Eastern Laboratories]

Charge Pump Doubles Negative Voltage -  Application Note #782  [Maxim Integrated]

Clock divider -  The 2x trigger is a little involved, but here is a circuit that will do divide by two preserving pulse width  [Vance Gloster]

Capacitance Proximity Switch
Draws very low power - Ideal for battery-powered applications
6 Models Available - Call 806-368-7747

Delay Line implements Clock Doubler -  07/18/96  EDN Design Idea   Timing delays are undesirable in most digital circuits. However, in some cases, delays can be useful—to deal with a µP-speed-compatibility issue, for example. The circuit in Figure 1a uses a silicon T/4 delay line and an XOR gate to implement a simple  [by Y Li, SAE magnetics (HK) Ltd, Guang Dong Province, China]

Diode Frequency Doublers -  Ordinary fast switching silicon diodes, special fast recovery junction diodes, schottky barrier diodes, varactors and even old-fashioned germanium diodes or vacuum tubes may be used to construct signal powered frequency doublers  [Copyright © 1998 Wenzel Associates, Inc.]

Introduction, definition of terms, Q&Asdoub9-2 -  Application Note  [MiniCircuits.com]

Frequency Doubler Circuits


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