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Geiger Counter Monitors
Last Updated on: Thursday, June 25, 2015 06:23 AM

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Build Your Own Geiger Counter -  The 4049 Hex Inverting Buffer is set up as a square wave generator. The power MOSFET IRF830 switches the current on and off to the primary windings of the mini step-up transformer. .(schematic added 04/05/06)
CDV700 Geiger Counter Probe Rebuilding -  This article describes the process of rebuilding a geiger counter probe from the Victoreen CDV700 geiger counter. The process of converting the hard-wired probe to a probe with a pluggable BNC connector is also described. The probe from the model CDV700-6B is similar, but not identical, the socket is easier to access on that model. [Circuit Design by Forrest Cook]
Count Accumulator for Radiation Levels (CARL) -  The CARL device is an add-on numerical counter that plugs into the headphone jack of 1960s vintage geiger counters such as the Victoreen CDV700 and CDV700-6B. It should also work with the Lionel ENI/LENi counters, and any other geiger counter that has a headphone output pulse greater than -5V. Vintage 1960s era geiger counters don't actually count, they use an analog meter with an integrator circuit to give short-term averaged.....(electronic design added 06/09)
Darling SE Tube Amplifier -  Scroll down to find this circuits.  In the diagram I've put the transistor numbers as the ones I've used, although you can use standard 2n3904's etc in these positions without problems as they're similar spec. The transformer used is a normal audio output transformer, such as an LT700.....(added 04/05/06)
Geiger counter -  Schematic only, no circuit description

Geiger counter -  Geiger counters are available in all shapes and sizes, but they tend to be quite expensive to buy (typically a couple of hundred US dollars for a simple model, rising to a thousand dollars or more for a professional instrument). For a first-timer, and/or a reasonably experienced electronics hobbyist, building your own can be a very rewarding alternative.....
Geiger Counter -  (electronic circuit added 4/05)
High Voltage Generator for Geiger Tubes -  The following two circuits are an improvement over the older circuits below. The circuits are shown generating 500 volts but they may be modified to supply a couple of hundred to nearly 1000 volts by changing the zener diodes. The difference is subtle; the feedback signal increases the voltage on the base of the 2N4403 to stop the oscillator instead of stealing current from the capacitor on the emitter. The result is much lower power dissipation when there is little or no load on the high voltage.....(electronic circuit added 7/03)
Hot Rodding a CDV700 Geiger Counter -  This project involves making several modification to an early 1960s era Victoreen CDV700 or CDV600-6B geiger counter. These counters are available on E-Bay for around $50 to $100. The modifications use modern electronic parts to improve the counter's stability, extend the run time, and add a solar recharging capability.....(electronic design added 6/07)
Modifications for CDV700 Geiger Counter -  (diagram added 3/07)
World' Smallest Geiger Counter (Area 50) -  (schematic / circuit added 4/08)


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