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Motorized Duck Decoy Timer

I received a nice email from a duck hunter.  He uses some motorized decoys to lure ducks into his line of fire.  However, the battery powered decoys only have an on/off switch so once turned on; the decoy flaps its wings or paddles around continuously.  The hunter wanted a more realistic motion, which would power the motor for say 10 seconds, then stop for another 10 seconds before starting up again. The simple circuit below should work well for his application. 

The circuit uses a classic CMOS version of the 555 timer as a low frequency oscillator.  Using a variable resistor, the flapping time can be adjusted from about 2 seconds to about 50 seconds.  An n-channel FET with a low gate-source threshold is needed in this circuit since the circuit is powered by two big alkaline D cells, producing 3 volts.  I provided a couple different FET part numbers, which are available from www.digikey.com.  The circuit is wired in between the on/off switch and the two motors.  If surface mounted parts are used, the circuit should be about the size of a postage stamp.  I would recommend coating the board with some conformal material to insure water does not short out the circuit.
The Wonder Duck decoy by www.wonderduck.com View of inside of the wonder duck decoy assembly
"Wonder Duck" Here is a shot of the inside of the decoy assembly.

Click below for a video of the duck in action. 

The decoys are made by Wonderduck and may be purchased at www.wonderduck.com.

Click on Drawing Below to view PDF version of Schematic

The Wonder Duck Flapping Wings Timer Circuit designed by David Johnson

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