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This electronic hobby circuit uses a simple technique to eliminate the usual “pop” sound when an electret type microphone is switched on or off.   The circuit is completely passive and will work on dynamic and electret type microphones.  The circuit shows a typical three wire microphone connection.  On some microphones only two wires are used.  With those two wire circuits, wire the 100uF capacitor shown below to the + side of the microphone.

The circuit works by shunting the audio portion of the microphone signal to ground, when the switch is closed.  This action does not change the DC level on the microphone output, thus the on and off switching should not produce the usual “Pop” sound.  Sometimes such pops are so severe, that they can blow out amplifiers or speakers.

Click on Drawing Below to view PDF version of Schematic

Circuit Pop Free Microphone Switch designed by Dave Johnson, P.E. (Feb 15, 2002)

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Hobby Circuits' Category List
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