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Jacob's Ladder Circuits

Last Updated: June 02, 2021 01:45 PM

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Build a Jacob's Ladder -  High voltage displays have always been awe-inspiring.  They not only look and sound spectacularthey even have a pungent smell, caused by the ozone which is generated by any high voltage discharge.  One of the most fascinating high voltage displays is the Jacob's Ladder, in which a series of sparks continually climb between two vertical wires.___ SiliconChip

Jacobs Ladder -  People have long been fascinated by electric arcs--and perhaps put off by them.  They show up as lightning, Tesla coil discharges, and long sparks that sting as you reach for the doorknob on a cold, dry, winter day.  This Jacob's Ladder project turns electric arcs into a dramatic but harmless conversation piece __ Designed by Tony van Roon  VA3AVR

Jacob's Ladder Circuits

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