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Laser Circuits  Page 2
Last Updated on: Tuesday, April 01, 2014 04:29 AM
Lasers:  #-K      L      M-Z

Circuits Designed by Dave Johnson, P.E. :
    This circuit uses a large 1cm X 1cm silicon PIN photo diode and a transimpedance amplifier to measure the light power output of infrared and visible LEDs and laser diodes. It can be modified to produce almost any milliwatts to volts scale factor. It can be connected to either a multi-meter or an oscilloscope.

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

Laser Beam Printer (LBP) Controller Solution Card:  National Semiconductor - Application Note   (Circuit / schematic design added 6/06)

Laser Communication System:  This is a simple Laser communication system. It can transmit and receive signal from any audio device.Communication distance is few meters. All components are not critical. Transistor 2N2222 may be on the coolrib. Laser diode is from laser pointer (added 6/03)

Laser Communicator #2:  (Electronic circuit added 7/03)

Laser Diode Driver Circuit :  (added 11/03)

Laser Diode Driver Stabilizes Sensitivity Parameters:  11/05/98 EDN-Design Ideas / (Electronic Circuit diagram added 03/03)  

Laser Diode Power Supply Circuits:  (Electronic circuit added 7/03)

Laser Diode Transmitter:  (added 11/03)

Laser Harp:  (Electronic circuit added 7/03)

Laser Head 1.0:  74AC86-based solar head; lights a high-intensity LED when locked on a bright light. (Circuit / schematic design added 6/06)

Laser Link Communicator:  audio transmission up to few hundred meters

Laser Pointer Train Detector:  (Circuit / schematic design added 6/06)

Laser Power Supply:  (Electronic circuit added 7/03)

Laser Printer:  Intersil Application Block Diagram  (Circuit / schematic design added 6/06)

Laser Simulator Helps Avoid Destroyed Diodes:  1/6/05   EDN-Design Ideas / (added 5/05)

Laser Torch-Based Voice Transmitter and Receiver:  (Electronic Circuit / Schematic added 10/04)

Laser Transmitter Schematics:  (Electronic circuit added 7/03)

Laser Transmitter/Receiver:  (Electronic circuit added 7/03)

Laser-Diode Driver Stabilizes Sensitivity Parameters :  11/05/98 EDN-Design Ideas  / (added 2/06)

Light Beam Receiver for Laser Pistols:  (added 11/03)

LMH6533 Four Channel Laser Diode Driver:  National Semiconductor - Application Note   (added 2/06)

Lasers:  #-K      L      M-Z

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