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Modem Circuits
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Last Updated on:
Friday, October 03, 2014 10:37 AM

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

300 baud modem circuit schematic -  La plupart des modems de type Baycom comportent des circuits qui sont devenus difficiles à trouver, surtout si l'on veut pratiquer le packet à 300 bauds. Une alternative consiste à utiliser plusieurs circuits intégrés qui existent encore, et qui, finalement, reviennent moins cher. Cependant....(circuit added 04/05/06)
56K RF Modem -  (electronic circuit added 4/05)
9-pin null modem cable -  Circuit only, no circuit description included…. [Tony van Roon's circuit]
ADSL Modems that Use the LT1886 as a Line Driver Yield Long Reach & Fast Data Rates -  DN240  Design Notes (Linear Technology) (app note added 1/06)
Afsk 1200 Modem Based on PIC16c620 -  (circuit / schematic design added 6/06)
AN-1034: An Optimized DCE Interface for V.34 Modems using the DS8933 & DS8934 Line Drivers & Receivers -  National Semiconductor Application Note  (app note added 2/06)
AN-1156: TP3070 COMBO II Performance with V.90 56K Modems -  National Semiconductor Application Note  (app note added 2/06)

AN237: TCP/IP Library Programmer's Guide -  Silicon Labs Application Notes....[App Note]
AN-307: Modem-Circuit Techniques Simplify Instrumentation Designs -  AN-307) Analog Devices Application Notes....[App Note] A commutating modem circuit, wher an IC or pc-board, can serve as a building block for many measurement-system functions, reducing noise and ensuring  integrity of transmitted data.
AN-444: Single Chip Modem Provides Low-Cost Data Communication -  National Semiconductor Application Note  (app note added 2/06)
Build A HamComm Data Slicer -  Until recently many of the ham radio operating modes required specialist equipment that most often had to by build and was exclusive to the task. Enter the Personal Computer. The PC made life a little easier for the ham as it was now able to take over some of the jobs that bespoke hardware did. But it still wasn't quite there yet. The task of the PC was mainly to be a 'front end'(circuit / schematic added 6/07)
Connect a-modem to a Basic Stamp -  09/16/99 EDN-Design Ideas....EDN is migrating links. This link is not verified.  Search the "title" + "EDN" for new link.
DSL Filter phone-line -  The above diagram is a standard low-pass telephone line filter (L1,C1,L3,C2). L2 and L4 are needed since we're dealing with the 'Tip' and 'Ring' of a phone line which may carry up to 90VAC!.…. [Tony van Roon's circuit]
DSL Modem CPE -  Intersil Application Block Diagram....[App Note]
E10-G RS232 Modem -  How to connect a PC RS232 moden to you Pocket PC (design added 07/08/09)
FSK Modem with PIC16C84 -  (circuit / schematic design added 6/06)

Modems:  #'s - G     H - Z

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