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Public Address (PA)


Last Updated: June 02, 2021 01:44 PM

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30 Watt PA For 80 Metres-  Q1 and Q2 are IRF521 MOSFETs.  The input transformer is 6 turns trifilar wound on a pair of stacked Ferrite cores.  The output transformer primary is 1 turn, centre tapped, of brass tubing.  I used a section of telescopic aerial from a portable radio.  Perhaps I got a bit carried away, but I removed the chrome plating in an effort to reduce RF losses due to skin effect.  The output transformer secondary is 3 turns of insulated wire.  The transformer core is made from 6 Ferrite toroids, 3 on each brass tube.  The end plates are made from single sided PCB __ Designed by EI9GQ homebrew radio

Direct Injection Box for Recording & Psystems-  An essential companion for the mixer for stage or recording work __ Designed by Rod Elliott  ESP

Lapel microphone adaptor for PA systems-  Simple adaptor features a balanced output and lets you use electret lapel and headset microphones with PA systems.__ SiliconChip

PortaPAL Public Address System-Part 2-  Here's the good oil on putting it together and getting it to work.  We even describe an easy way to build a box.__ SiliconChip

Telephone Line Audio Interface-  This device connects the telephone line to a home theater system or PA system (receiver only).  It is phone line powered and features automatic volume control (AVC).  It also mutest itself when a phone is picked up to prevent feedback. __ Designed by Andrew R. Morris

The PortaPAL Public Address System-Part 1-  It's packed with features, is easy to build and rivals commercial systems costing much more__ SiliconChip

Wireless PA for Classrooms-  In large classrooms, many a times the teacherís voice is not audible to students in the back rows.  So the teacher have to literally shout to be heard by every student....__ Electronics Projects for You

Public Address (PA) Circuits

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