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100dB Range Logarithmic Photodiode Amplifier-  The photodiode current is processed by a form of trans-impedance amplifier (TIA) that has a logarithmic I to V characteristic.  The Vbe of the logging transistor is scaled and offset to properly represent the desired dynamic range.  To prevent temperature variation from affecting the accuracy, another loop is used as a stabilized chip heater for the transistor array. __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Jun 21, 2011

3.3V to 50V Low Noise APD Bias Supply with Ultrafast Current Monitor Transient Speed-  The LT3571 is a current mode step-up DC/DC converter designed to bias avalanche photodiodes (APDs) in optical receivers with an output voltage up to 75V.  The LT3571 features a high side fixed voltage drop APD current monitor with better than 10% relative accuracy over the entire temperature range.  The integrated power switch, __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Mar 29th 2010

Bias-voltage & current-senses make avalanche photodiodes work-  03/06/03  EDN Technical Article: Feeding and reading an avalanche photodiode takes a high degree of circuit sophistication. __ Circuit Design by Jim Williams, EDN's most revered contributor, passed away in June 2011 after a stroke.  He was 63.

Photodiode Alarm-  This Photodiode based Alarm can be used to give a warning alarm when someone passes through a protected area.  The circuit is kept standby through a laser beam or IR beam focused on to the Photodiode.  When the beam path breaks, alarm will be triggered.  The circuit uses a PN Photodiode in the reverse bias mode to detect light __ Designed by D Mohan Kumar

Photodiode Amplifier-  Low input bias current amplifiers can be used to accurately detect the amount of current flowing in a photodiode.  An output voltage, 1V/uA, is created by forcing the reverse diode current to flow from the amplifier output through a large valued feedback resistor. __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Jun 21st 2011

Photodiode Amplifier exhibits one-third the output noise of conventional transimpedance Amp-  04/26/07  EDN Design Ideas:  Bumping the op amp's gain of a photodiode transimpedance amplifier by a factor of 10 and then dividing the output of a transistor gain stage by a factor of 10 achieves lower output noise __ Circuit Design by Glen Brisebois, Linear Technology Corp, Milpitas, CA

Stepped Gain Photodiode Amplifier-  At low signal levels, the circuit has a high 100kΩ transimpedance gain, but at high signal levels the circuit automatically and smoothly changes to a low 3.1kΩ gain.  The benefit of a stepped gain approach is that it maximizes dynamic range. __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Mar 22, 2010

Photodiode Circuits


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