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Power FET Circuits

Last Updated: June 02, 2021 01:44 PM

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40nVpp Noise, 0.05uV/C Drift, Chopped FET Amplifier-  For very high precision low frequency applications, chopping the dc input signal to create an ac signal and then synchronously demodulating the signal to restore the dc value eliminates all static dc errors of the components used.  This is a high gain (Av=1001) example with excellent low offset voltage and drift with temperature __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Mar 16th 2010

Gate-Drive Method Extends Supply's Input Range-  26-Jun-03 EDN Design Ideas:  Industrial and telecom applications often require a nonisolated, low-voltage supply from a high-voltage input.  IC manufacturers have responded to that need with the application of high-voltage processes and offer control ICs that work to 50V and higher.  That voltage is sometimes insufficient, and you need further design techniques to extend the input voltage Design by John Betten and Robert Kollman, Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX

Gate-drive transformer eases multi-output, isolated DC/DC-converter Designs-  04/12/13  EDN Design Ideas:  Use this small transformer to produce four isolated outputs of about 1W each. Oftentimes the biggest obstacle in designing an isolated dc/dc converter is the transformer design, a prospect that sometimes discourages designers from undertaking an otherwise straightforward design task.  You can take advantage of the characteristics of an off-the-shelf gate-drive transformer and produce four separate isolated dc outputs.  Gate-drive transformers are actually ideal for low-power dc/dc power transfer, because they have already been optimized for a high product of voltage and time (ET, or volt-microsecond, product) as well as for low leakage inductance. Design by Robert Buono

Power FETs

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