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Rain Detector

Last Updated: June 02, 2021 01:44 PM

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Automatic Rain Gauge with Digital Readout - It collects, measures, records and empties.  Best of all, you don't have to leave the house.__ SiliconChip

Rain Alarm - This circuit consumes no current until moisture is detected on the rain plate. __ 555-Timer

Rain Alarm - This circuit gives out an alarm when its sensor is wetted by water.  A 555 astable multivibrator is used here which gives a tone of about 1kHz upon detecting water.  The sensor when wetted by water completes the circuit and makes the 555 oscillate at about 1kHz. __ Designed by Radioland.nt.au

Rain Alarm / Rain Detector - This rain detector will give you a heads-up the instant it starts to rain, hopefully giving you time to close windows and bring in possessions.  The battery-powered circuit draws virtually no current when the sensor is dry and the current consumption is low when the buzzer is activated so a couple of AA cells will last a long time.  Alternately, a molded power supply with a simple voltage regulator to drop the voltage to 3 volts could be used.  The circuit is basically a handy flasher circuit that operates well on only 3 volts using ordinary silicon transistors. __  Contact:  Charles Wenzel of Wenzel Associates, Inc.

Rain Detector - This circuit uses a sensor made of a small piece of etched PC board and a simple SCR circuit to detect rain and sound a buzzer.  The SCR could also be used to activate a relay, turn on a lamp, or send a signal to a security system. __ Designed by Aaron Cake

Rainwater Storage Gauge - Not only on ecologically grounds but also economically it makes sense to collect rainwater for use in the garden and increasingly for `grey water` domestic use.  People who take rainwater collection seriously use large underground tanks for storage.  The problem now arises, how can the water level be determined without lifting the tank hatch and peering in?__ Learning Electronics

Simple Circuit Rain Detector - Who needs a rain detector? How hard is it to look outside to see if it's raining? But a rain detector can come handy when you're distracted; it will save you the trouble of looking out the window every second when you want to catch the start of a rain storm, or cover some water sensitive stuff on your backyard.  The following schematics are simple, but they can give design ideas or serve as a part of a more complex circuit like a computer weather data collection system.  it all depends on your dedication, skill and expertise level__ hobbyteam @ hobby-hour.com

Rain Detector

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