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Sound Effect Circuits
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Last Updated on: Thursday, April 07, 2016 01:02 PM

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

Infra Red Switch (Andy Collinson) -  This is a single channel (on / off) universal switch that may be used with any Infra Red remote control that uses wavelengths between 850-950nm….(Circuit design added 04/05/06)
Machine Gun -  This circuit produces a sound very similar to a machine gun:
Metronome & Pitch Generator -  (circuit added 9/04)
Metronome Circuit -  This circuit uses a couple of Op-amps to produce an interesting sound effect. The left hand CA741 is wired as a standard astable and produces the timing pulses, controlled by C1, R2 and VR1.  The output is fed via C2 to the second op-amp and is also direct coupled via the zener ZD1 to Q1....(added 10/05)
Mini Metronome -  Linear scale Small size. 40 to 208 beats per minute
Model Train Diesel & Horn Sound Module -  TIL 112 opto isolator, 741, LM566 VCO, CD4017 CMOS counter, LM386 power Amplifier, LM555 dual timer....[Circuit by Stepan Novotill]
Noisemaking Circuits (police siren & chime) -  ....
Old-fashioned siren effect -  (circuit added 6/07)
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Rain Sound Effect Generator -  Agreeable, relaxing effect, helping to fall asleep Small portable unit, 3V battery powered (added 3/05)
Simple Color Organ -  A simple, satisfactory Color Organ can be built with a handful of cheap components.  This design features: no mains supply transformer, built-in microphone and three widely adjustable frequency bands obtained by means of very simple, passive filters for Bass, Middle and Treble....
Simple Two-Transistor Radio -  Here is a simple radio that was designed to minimize unusual parts; there isn't even a detector diode! The sensitivity isn't as high as the one-transistor reflex but the simplicity is attractive. Strong stations will provide plenty of volume....(electronic design added 05/06/07)
Sound Effects for the COP100% Family -  National Semiconductor Application Note  (App Note - added 2/06)
Sound Effects Generator -  This circuit uses a UM3561 IC to produce four different sound effects… [Andy Collison]
Sound Effects Generator #2 -  This circuit uses the Holtek HT2884 IC to produce 8 different sound effects… [Andy Collison]
Train Approach Warning Circuit -  This is a circuit that will give an audible warning that a train is entering a particular section of track. The detector also has a LED that indicates when a train is entering or leaving the block. [from Rob Paisley's Model Train web site]
Two-Tone Train Horn -  With this circuit you can electronically simulate the noise of a diesel-train horn.  The sound is triggered automatically as the train reaches a desired place on the track so you can produce the sound as the train approaches stations, level crossings, etc. The circuit can be built simply by using one 555 or two 555 timers.  The rest of the parts are readily available and not critical.  The output.... [Tony van Roon's circuit]
WaveSong -  A shareware PC application that generates nature sounds (rain, surf, crickets, thunder, pink noise, white noise) which are relaxing to hear and help mask ambient noise when played through headphones or loudspeakers. Requires Windows 98/95/NT4.0/2000/ME.  Designed by Jim Sells (Sagebrush Systems)  (Circuit design added 03/08)
Weird Sound Generator -  (electronic circuit added 08/08/08)
Sound Effect Circuits:   #'s - G    H - Z

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