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Stepper Motor Circuits

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Last Updated: November 30, 2017 07:39 AM

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The BEAM Stepper drive -  The 74AC240 stepper driver works by alternately enabling each half of the buffer.  Only one half can be enabled at a time.  Let's assume that the top half of the driver is enabled.  U1A & U1B along with R8, C1, and the input protection resistor R7 form a square wave oscillator.  The outputs of U1A & U1B directly drive one coil of a bipolar stepper motor.   __ Designed by Duane Johnson and Wilf Rigter

The HC11 Controls the Stepper -  Simple circuit with 16-pin Nitron chip 68HC908, easy analog setting, source code with IC C08.  New s-record for 8-pin 68HC908QT2!  __ Designed by Ludwig Orgler-Fachingenieur Elektrotechnik

Two Components Drive Stepper Motor -  EDN Design Ideas:  01/19/95    The extremely simple circuit in Fig 1 drives a stepper motor directly from 120V ac, 60 Hz.  Usually you need switched-dc voltages to drive a stepper motor.  But a stepper motor will run off ac lines if you introduce a 90 phase shift between the voltages applied to the motor's two windings. __ Circuit Design by Carl Spearow, Basler Electric,m Highland, IL

Unidirectional RF wireless transmitting & receiving -  Digital in, digital out, with no wires! ! !  Yes, it can be that easy but there are some things you will find out about going wireless that you may not have counted with wired connection.  This App Note will guide you through a simple RS232 link and illustrate how easy these devices are to use as long as you know how to handle a couple wireless phenomenon and plan your project to take these into account.   __ Contact info @ wzmicro.com

Unipolar Stepper Motor Control -  This circuit controls a small, four-phase, five-wire, unipolar stepper motor, commonly designated the "KP4M4-001.  " This type of motor was used in many 5 1/4" floppy disk drives in older computers.  Now obsolete, such disk drives are often available on the surplus market for a small fraction of the motor's original cost.  The stepper motors are easy to extract from the drives, and are ideal for many applications.  This arrangement was used in the scale model of a RADAR set to control the position of a miniature parabolic antenna. (Note that some 5 1/4" floppy disk drives used a four-wire "bipolar" motor, which is not compatible with this circuit.)  __ Designed by Arthur Harrison

Unipolar Stepper Motor Controller -  This is a very good integrated circuit.  There is no need for any external glue logic to drive the circuit, there is only 2 pins to drive the motor, one for controlling the direction and the other to trigger the stepping pulses.  it provides a very compact design that drives 5 or 6 or 8 wire stepper motors.  The 5 or 8 wire stepper motors are treated as a variation on the 6 wire motor.  That is, the 5 has the two common wires from the coils center taps joined inside the motor (saves joining them outside the motor) ,  __ Designed by R Ward

Versatile Miniature High-Rate ESC with BEC & Brake -  This electronic speed control (ESC) for brushed motors combines the features of two of my earlier designs.  One was a high-rate 30A ESC with a brake, and the other a high-rate 12A ESC with a BEC (receiver battery eliminator circuit).   __ Designed by Stefan Vorketter

Wireless Stepper Motor Controllers -  Here is a low-cost and simple wireless stepper motor controller using infrared signals.  Using this circuit you can control the stepper motor from a distance of up to four metres.  The circuit...__ Electronics Projects for You

working with Stepper Motors -  We've all experimented with small "hobby motors", or free-spinning DC motors.  Have.  __ 

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