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Track and Hold Circuits

Last Updated: October 24, 2017 02:55 PM

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

Calibrate scope jitter using a transmission-line loop -  09/20/01 EDN Design Ideas:  Digital-clock-period jitter is the variation in the period of a clock cycle compared with a nominal (average of many cycles] clock period.  To accurately measure period jitter using an oscilloscope, you must subtract the oscilloscope jitter from the measured jitter.  However, oscilloscopes rarely have a jitter specification, so you must determine the oscilloscope jitter __ Circuit Design by David Cuthbert, Micron Technology, Boise, ID

Circuit improves on temperature measurement -  05/02/02 EDN Design Ideas:  When current pulses with a stable iHiGH/iLOW ratio modulate a semiconductor junction, the ensuing voltage difference (for example, ΔVBE for a bipolar transistor] is a linear function of the absolute (Kelvin] temperature, T.  You can use this truism to make accurate temperature measurements.  Technical literature has thoroughly covered the relationship (references 1 to 4] and has numerou __ Circuit Design by Alexander Bell, Infosoft International Inc, Rego Park, NY

NCO technique helps C produce clean analog signals -  EDN-Design ideas April 15, 1999    [  NOTE:    FILE
has multiple design, scroll for this one.]  A recent Design idea described a method for producing an analog voltage from one digital output of a C ("Generate an analog signal with a C, " EDN, Oct 22, 1998, pg 108).  The method involves generating a PWM output with a controlled duty cycle and filtering the switching waveform with a simple single-pole RC filter.  Although this method provide as an accurate dc output with 8 bits of resolution, it requires a filter with a low cutoff frequency to reduce the ripple to less than 1 LSB. __ Circuit Design by Steve Ploss, Veridian Corp, Wright Patterson AFB, OH

RF transmitter uses AM I encoding -  11/24/99 EDN Design Ideas:  Although alternate-mark-inversion (AMi]encoding is well-suited for direct-conversion FM transmission, designers often overlook the technique.  AMi, a three-phase, synchronous-encoding technique, uses bipolar pulses to represent logic ones and no signal to __ Circuit Design by Paul Sofianos

Track and Hold Circuits


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