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Transmitter Circuits

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Last Updated: January 01, 2018 04:02 AM

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Car anti theft wireless alarm -  This FM radio-controlled antift alarm can be used with any vehicle having 6to 12-volt DC supply system.  The minI VHF, FM transmitter is fitted in  vehicle at night when it is parked in  car porch or car park.  The receiver unit with CXA1019, a single IC -based FM radio module, which is freely available in  market at reasonable rate, is kept inside.  Receiver is __ Designed by Radioland.nt.au

Cardboard AM Radio Resonant Loop Passive Booster Antenna -  An excellent use for copper wire, a trimmer capacitor and some lovely cardboard.   __ Designed by Henry 

CB Transmitter -  For the regulation it needs a voltmeter (with needle better) and charge 50W/5W.  Connect charge 50W in the place of aerial, with the voltmeter in the exit voltmeter.  Be supplied the transmitter with + 12V.  it will be supposed we have consumption between 0, 7-1A.  __ 

Ceramic Filter BFO -  Receive SSB and CW transmissions on your BC receiver.  Simple BFO is build around 455 KHz Ceramic Filter__ 

CH-25 Crystal Heater Kit -  As above with professional circuit board   __ Designed by Kevin Custer  W3KKC

Cheap 100 to 150 Watt Amp -  Here is a simple and cheap amp to make__ 

Cheap Log Periodic Dipole Array -  This is a Radio Astronomy Project __ Designed by Radio-Sky Publishing

Cigar box transmitter -  it is customary for newcomers to  amateur  radio to think in terms of Hammerlund, Hallicrafter and  similar  receivers and tramsmitters of 100 watts upwards, complete with lines of meters.  V.  F.  O.  s and a whole load  of  other  gear;  a laudable  aim, but  not  one  particularly realisable in these days of short pockets and long prices.  As regards the fellow  living in  the country __ Designed by Harry Lythall-SM0VPO

Circuit transmits ARINC 429 data -  07/11/02 EDN Design ideas:  The ARiNC (Aeronautical Radio inc] 429 specification defines the air transport industry's hardware and protocol standards for the transfer of digital data between avionics systems.  Circuitry that can implement elements of the 429 sp __ Circuit Design by Steve Woodward, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

Ck-3V FM Transmitter -  Circuit design__ Carl's Electronics

Coil-less FM Transmitter by IC 40106 -  The RF oscillator using the inverter U1B and 10.7Mhz ceramic filter is driving the parallel combination of U1D to U1F through U1C.  Since these inverters are in parallel the output impedance will be low so that it can directly drive an aerial of__ 

Compact 20 14 MHz Direct Conversion Receiver -  amateur radio construction projects.   __ Designed by Peter Parker

Computer controlled infrared remote control transmitter -  Control all your devices from the PC.  This infrared remote control transmitter can be controlled from a computer.  it speaks many different remote control formats, like the Philips RC-5 standard and can be tailored to other specific types.   __ Designed by Peter Jakab

Computerised Morse Code Generator/Transmitter -  The circuit given here can be used to send telegraphic messages via computer.  The message data entered through the computer keyboard is converted to corresponding Morse code and transmitted via the...__ Electronics Projects for You

Construction Details for 30 meter rig with superhet receiver & crystal controlled transmitter -  For the spring 2010 FDiM (Four days in May) design contest, the ARCI (Amateur Radio Club international) decided on seeing if anyone could design a rig using 72 or less parts.  What made this design a challenge was the fact the rig had to be a transceiver, the receiver had to have single signal reception and only 1 IC could be used.  The design goal of my version was to come up with a reproducible design, using all common, easy to get and inexpensive parts.  it also had to have a reasonably sensitive receiver and a transmitter with a bit more than flea power output. __ Designed by Steven Weber, KD1JV

Converting a PCS Power Amplifier to 13cm Ham Radio Band -  Schematic only, no circuit description __ Designed by 2001 - YO5OFH, Csaba Gajdos

COR Carrier Delay timer / Hang Timer -  Did you ever want a simple controller to key a transmitter from a receiver's cos?    Well here is a simple circuit that does just that.  The input impedance is fairly high, about 1 Meg, and will interface to most any receiver.  VR 1 is a sensitivity control that is adjusted to trigger the circuit with just about any available positive going signal.  A setable hang time is adjusted with VR 2.   __ Designed by Kevin Custer  W3KKC

Cross Band VHF-UHF repeater -  My Radio amateur callsign is OZ2CPU.  I like to use Atmel AVR Atmega PIC 16 PIC 16F876 PIC 16F84.  Most electronics easy made for the novice and something is for the more experienced.   __ Designed by Thomas Scherrer OZ2CPU

Crystal AM Transmitter -  Here is the circuit of a medium-power AM transmitter that delivers 100-150 mW of radio frequency (RF) power. At the heart of the circuit is a crystal oscillator.  A 10MHz crystal is...__ Electronics Projects for You

Crystal heater / temperature stablization (TXCO) -  OK, here is the circuit I used - See image below.   The original National Semiconductor circuit had a 30 K resistor in series with a 400 F cap., both in parallel with the 100 K resistor on the input of the 1st LM324 section.   I found that combo to actually destabilize the operation of the controller for this particular application, so I removed them & changed the 2 F cap in series with the 10 megohm resistor to 5 F. __ Designed by Bobengler NO6B

Crystal Radio -  RF Receivers & Receiver Circuits Crystal Radio __ Designed by Aaron Cake

Crystal Radio -  I have been listening stories from dad that he made a radio when he was little younger than me.  it was hard to digest that his radio worked without power!  I thought, its nothing more than those interesting old stories that we have been told at bed time! !  __ Designed by Nina Gajjar

Crystal Radio -  The crystal radio gets its name from the galena crystal (lead sulfide) used to rectify the signals.  A "cat's whisker" wire contact was moved about the surface of the crystal until a diode junction was formed.  The 1N34A germanium diode.   __  Contact:  Charles Wenzel of Wenzel Associates, Inc.

Crystal Radio -  This is a generic circuit, the first true radio receiver in history.  Description: Crystal radio requires no power supply to operate because it uses energy from the signals it receives.  Performance is like one should expect poor.  Nevertheless, __ copy of geocities.com/tomzi.geo page

Crystal Radio--make your own -  Circuit Only __ Designed by Charles Wenzel

CW QRP TX -  This simple circuit will give about 1.2 Watts of output when powered from a 13.8VDC supply.  if you don't have a 2SC1237, try any other 12V CB radio output transistor 2SC1969, 2SC1307 etc.  The value of RFC is not critical, 10 turns on a high permeability ferrite toroid core works fine.  I used a DPDT switch for the RX/TX switching, one pole for the aerial (antenna) , the other pole to switch the 13.8V supply. __ Designed by EI9GQ homebrew radio

CW Transmitter -  This one-valve (ECL82) CW Transmitter occupies a very special place in my amateur radio history.  I was first licensed in 1994 but did not operate on air.  I committed to only ever operate equipment which I had made myself.  I had no time for radio construction and several years passed.  in early 2002 __ Designed by Hans Summers

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