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TRIAC Circuits

Last Updated: June 02, 2021 01:44 PM

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics and designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

All-Digital Fires TRIAC -  07/21/94 EDN Design ideas:  This digital circuit allows a P to control ac power precisely without using any digital-to-analog circuitry.    Design by Robert Trescott Jr, GTE ImagiTrek, Carlsbad, CA

CMOS Gate Implements Reverse Phase Control -  05/21/98 EDN Design ideas:  (FILE has severa circuits, scroll down) The circuit in Figure 1 implements a "reverse" phase control, using only a single CMOS 4001 quad NOR gate.  The circuit is known as a reverse phase control because, unlike with common TRIAC or SCR controls, conduction begins at the zero crossing of the ac sine wave.  Timing of the turn-off point Design by JC Johnson, Lithonia Lighting, Decatur, GA

TRIAC Dimmable 20W Offline LED Driver using the LT3799 -  This circuit shows a complete LED driver solution.  The LT3799 senses the output current from the primary side switch current waveform.  The IC regulates the output current by adjusting the peak switch current and the duty cycle through a novel feedback control.  Unlike other primary side sensing methods that need to know input power and output voltage information, this new scheme provides much better output current regulation since the accuracy is barely affected by transformer winding resistance, switch RDS (ON) , output diode forward voltage drop and LED cable voltage drop__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Jul 1, 2011

TRIAC Light Controller -  This project is intended for controlling mains powered disco lighting, although there are many other possible uses for controlling almost any mains appliance.  it will control five seperate channels at up to 3 Amp per channel.  This could be increased by designing another PCB with wider tracks than the PCB included with this design __ Designed by Matthew Hewson

TRIAC Light Dimmer -  This little circuit can be used to dim lights up to about350-Watts.  it uses a simple, standard TRIAC circuit that, in my experience, generates very little heat.  Please note that this circuit cannot be used with fluorescent lights __ Arron Cake

TRIAC lighting & heating controller uses few parts -  09/02/04  EDN Design ideas:  The TRIAC lighting-control circuit in Figure 1 is small and inexpensive because load and housekeeping power come directly from the line voltage, thereby eliminating bulky, expensive supplies.  The CLZD010 closed-loop controller maint Design by David Caldwell, Flextek Electronics, Carlsbad, CA

TRIAC Switch To Control High-Voltage Devices -  From ages electron-magnetic relays are being used as switches to control high voltage devices.  But, because of their bulky size and noise (both electrical and mechanical) people started using TRIAC with opto-coupler as better alternative.  Above circuit uses TRAIC  and Opto-coupler to use small voltage to control high voltage devices.  For example, micro-controller to control 220v bulb or any device which runs on high voltage. __ ` Sigmatone

TRIAC Circuits

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