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Triggering Circuits
Last Updated on: Thursday, October 30, 2014 09:22 AM

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

CMOS Gate Implements Reverse Phase Control -  05/21/98 EDN-Design Ideas....The circuit in Figure 1 implements a "reverse" phase control, using only a single CMOS 4001 quad NOR gate. The circuit is known as a reverse phase control because, unlike with common triac or SCR controls, conduction begins at the zero crossing of the ac sine wave. Timing of the turn-off point....File has seeveral  circuits, scroll down.... [Design Idea by JC Johnson, Lithonia Lighting, Decatur, GA]
DSO-triggering scheme is cheap and efficient -  05/07/98 EDN-Design Ideas....Although a logic analyzer is useful in troubleshooting a new design, nothing beats a digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) for the ability to see bus levels and timing. However, the trigger mechanisms on most DSOs are not  sophisticated enough to trigger on a specificm P bus state....NOTE  Page includes several designs, scroll to find this one.... [Design Idea by Robert Perrin, Z-World, Davis, CA]
LED Flasher & TRAC Pulser work Off AC Line -  15-Jan-98 Issue of EDN  A flashing LED is an excellent visual alarm. Unfortunately, the LED is a dc device and requires additional circuitry to operate from an ac source. Several circuits can perform the necessary function, but the circuit in Figure 1a  is the most efficientThis File contains several Design Ideas, please scoll to this one.... [Design Idea by Dennis Eichenberg, Parma Heights, OH]
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Trigger Circuit for Strobes -  circuits which can be used for triggering stroboscopes from external signals (added 4/02)
Trigger Circuit Locks onto one Horizontal Line -  09/02/96 EDN-Design Ideas.... EDN is migrating links. This link is not verified.  Search the "title" + "EDN" for new link.
Typical Strobe Light Trigger Circuit -  555 based Timing circuit which triggers a SCR which controls the trigger transformer (added 5/02)

Triggering Circuits

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