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Video Decoder Circuits

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Got Designs?
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if you want me to link to and/or post your original design Thanks.

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PIC16F84 CW Decoder -  I propose a simple CW decoder wich makes use of a PIC 16F84 microprocessor with a 16x2 chars LCD display.  it is equipped with an audio frequency input from your receiver, an input for a stright key and an audio output locked to the input signal.  it automatically adapts itself to the CW rate and may be employed for learning purpose substituting the traditional tone generator and offering the capability of displaying the keyed code __ Designed by Francesco Morgantini IK3OIL

Receive Signal Decoder -  The signal output byradio control receiver is a form of PWM.  This may be useful for driving servos, but is inconvenient for general electronic applications.  Therefore, several of circuits on this site convert this signal into a voltage first.  This is performed by this circuit.  it is not a project in its own right, just a building block used by or projects __ Designed by Paul Hill

Sound Detector tone Decoder  -  Popular Electronics Heterodyne Detector with NE567__ 

STK 500 Development board -  This converter comes as an aid to STK500 board.  it uses the famous MAX232 for the signal level translation.  it requires a 1 to 1 rs232 cable for the connection with the PC.  __ AVR Projects Dim

Thermometer-Thermostat -  This is a simple thermostat that I designed to use with my central heating system.  When is not in use acts like a thermometer.  The prototype uses the AT90S2313 but itís obsolete now, so I changed it with the pin to pin compatible ATtiny2313 (the photo shows my first prototype).  __ AVR Projects Dim

Three Fake Alarms -  Battery Powered LED Circuits:  Flashing LEDs can be used to create the impression that an alarm has been fitted.  Or they can be used in conjunction with a real alarm - to warn-off a potential thief.  These three small circuits will flash anything from a single LED - up to 90 LEDs and beyond - with a variety of speeds and patterns.  __ Designed by Ron J.

UHJ AM bisonic Decoder -  Demonstrating that all that's British really is best when it comes to brilliant commercial failure, a surround sound decoder for use with UHJ encoded CDs from Nimbus records, and does a pretty good job on Dolby surround and old SQ quadraphonic vinyl.  Did you know that "The Archers" is recorded using some Ambisonic Surround content? Shuuuuush!  it's a BBC secret!  Eddie Grundy's tractor will never sound quite the same again.   __ Designed by Henry 

Video Decoder Circuits

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