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Window Comparator Circuits
Last Updated on:  Monday, March 09, 2015 04:12 AM

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Absolute-value comparator touts accuracy, size -  7-Mar-02 Issue of EDN  A typical window comparator uses two comparators and a single op amp to determine whether a voltage is inside or outside a boundary region.... [Design Idea by Teno Cipri, Engineering Expressions Consulting, Sunnyvale, CA]
Design low-duty-cycle timer circuits -  22-Aug-02 Issue of EDN  Designing astable circuits using the industry-standard 555 timer is a straightforward process when duty cycles are 50% or greater. However, you must overcome the many pitfalls of low-duty-cycle circuits to arrive at a desired result. Using only ideal components eases the design, but the components themselves are hard to obtain.... [Design Idea by Phil Rogers, Texas Instruments Inc, Rockwall, TX]
Electronic fuse emulates fast- or slow-blow fuses -  11/09/00 EDN-Design Ideas....The electronic-fuse circuit in Figure 1 combines the properties of a current transducer and a solid-state relay to disconnect low power at preset levels.Using this circuit lets….PDF contains multiple circuits, scroll to find the one of interest.... [Design Idea by John A Hasse, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO]
Expanded-scale indicator revisited -  8-Aug-02 Issue of EDN  The visualization aid that a previous Design Idea describes allows only the expansion of the upper end of the scale (Reference 1]. But what can you do if, according to your project requirements, you need to expand the middle region of the scale? Figure 1a illustrates the challenge. A voltmeter comprises a 100-µA dc meter and a series resistor.... [Design Idea by Abel Raynus, Armatron International Inc, Melrose, MA]

Missing codes Tester checks 16 Bit ADC in 7 sec -  06/10/99 EDN-Design Ideas....As the resolution of ADCs increases from 12 to 16 bits and higher, the difficulty in testing the "nomissing-codes "specification grows proportionately. To fully guarantee no missing codes for a 16-bit ADC requires testing all 2 16-1 possible output.... EDN is migrating links. This link is not verified.  Google the "title" + EDN for new link.
Two Buttons Provide Safe Start -  07/06/00 EDN-Design Ideas....The circuit in Figure 1 provides a safety interlock that checks the actuation of two pushbuttons before enabling a relay. When you push both buttons, the circuit actuates the relay. At that point, you can release one of the switches without the relay'.... [Design Idea by Vincent Himpe, Alcatel Microelectronics, Desselgem, BelgiumVincent Himpe, Alcatel Microelectronics, Desselgem, Belgium]

Window Comparator Circuits

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