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Wire Tracer Circuits
Last Updated on:  Monday, March 09, 2015 04:12 AM

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

Beeper to find short circuits -  This circuit uses two 741s or equivalent op amp to form a beeper that is used to detect short circuits.  This design offers a way to trace resistance in the milliohm range, right to a short between bridged traces beneath a solder mask. A1 is configured as a multivibrator. R1 and C1 determine the frequency of oscillation and....(electronic design added 6/07)
Broken coil detector is simple yet robust -  4-Mar-10 Issue of EDN  An oscillator, filters, and comparators detect missing wires in an assembly line.... [Design Idea by Juan Pablo Caram, Santiago, Chile]
Cable Finder Seeks Out Wall Conduits -  05/11/00 EDN-Design Ideas When you debug home electrical wiring, a tool that determines the location of cable conduits comes in handy, especially when problems arise. Some tools, such as nylon or glass fiber guides, contain small magnets and compasses that act as sensor elements.... [Design Idea by Luis Miguel Brugarolas and Manuel Ramón, Sire Sistemas y Redes Telematicas, Tres Cantos, Madrid, Spain]
Circuit tests VCOM drivers -  11-Nov-04 Issue of EDN  Flat-panel LCD monitors offer excellent image quality andcompact form factor than CRTs—hence, their steadily increasing popularity. Unfortunately, the complexity of their manufacturing process makes LCD monitors considerablyexpensive than CRTs. The amplifier that drives VCOM, the voltage on the backplane of the LCD panel, must be able to drive large capacitive loads, deliver h.... [Design Idea by Soufiane Bendaoud, Analog Devices, San Jose, CA]

Design makes handy audible circuit tracer -  9-Jan-03 Issue of EDN  The circuit tracer in Figure 1 is a handy tool for finding connectivity paths on a pc board. Because the sense voltage you use to measure the path is lower than a transistor's VBE voltage, you can use the design in circuits containing semiconductor elements without affecting the measurement. The tracer's output takes the form of audio tones.... [Design Idea by Jerry O'Keefe, Cupertino, CA]
Fox-Hound Wire tracer -  The "Fox" and "Hound," made by Triplett Corporation (www.triplett.com), are a transmitter and receiver for tracing telephone(and others) wires through walls. You connect the transmitter to the wire, and the receiver helps you trace the wire from several inches distance away. Triplett doesn't say much about how they work, but th Fox and Hound apparently use inductive coupling of a low-frequency signal, maybe around 50 to 100KHz.…. [Tony van Roon's circuit]
In Circuit Transistor Checker -  It is able to check transistors, in the circuit, down to 40 ohms across the collector-base or base-emitter junctions. It can also check the output power transistors on amplifier circuits….(added 04/05/06)
INSIDER V10 -  In-Circuit debugger, created by E.E. Atanasios Melimopoulos. Updated Ver 1r1 (circuit added 2/09)
Quickly find PC-Board shorts with low-cost tracer technique -  25-Nov-04 Issue of EDN  A predominant failure mechanism for production pc boards is shorted traces. Finding hidden shorts is often time-consuming and frustrating. Typical techniques of cutting traces, lifting pads, and "blowing" shorts are, at best, questionable because they may affect the reliability of the circuit, and the ever-decreasing geometries and lower voltage ICs make these practices tricky and risky.... [Design Idea by Teno P Cipri, Engineering Expressions Consulting]
Short-Circuit Finder uses Few Parts -  11-Nov-98 Issue of EDN  The simple tester in Figure 1 detects short circuits on assembled pc boards and also rings out cables and harnesses. The short finder has a narrow zone of threshold uncertainty and very low "insertion" voltage and current, and it's not confused by capacitors. The circuit uses an LM10,....Note File has several circuits, scroll to find this one.... [Design Idea by Boris Khaykin, Candid Logic Inc, Madison Heights, WI]
Signal Injector / Tracer -  A simple test circuit to fault find audio and radio equipment. Can be used to inject a square wave signal, rich in harmonics, or used with headphones as an audio tracer. [Andy Collison]
Signal Tracer -  The main part of this circuit is the LM386 amplifier chip. It also uses a transistor input to buffer the input signal and provide extra gain for the LM386. The little unit has helped me out on numerous occasions when trouble shooting any amplifier circuit like a stereo receiver, tv / vcr audio section, radios, cd players and car stereos…. [Randy Linscott, designer]
Simple scheme detects shorts -  07/08/99 EDN-Design Ideas....When you manually assemble complex boards, it's common to short-circuit adjacent component or IC pins. Determining which section of the circuit you have shorted is not too difficult, but finding the precise point where the short exists can be a formidable task,....[File contains multiple circuits.  Scroll to find this one.].... [Design Idea by Luis Miguel Brugarolas, SIRE, Madrid, Spain]
Wire tracer -  Schematic only, no circuit description

Wire Tracer Circuits

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