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00 Helpful Electronic Tutorials Links
00 555 Timer:  555 Timer Tutorials
  8052.com:  Online resources for 8052 and compatible MicroController including tutorials, FAQ and code library.
Antenna and Microwave Engineering Tutorials:  Collection of teaching pages for general access
All About Circuits: Lessons in electronic circuits
000 BASIC Electronics:  BASIC Electronics is an online E-book covering subjects from ohms law to logic circuits. Lots of animation and troubleshooting simulations included.
BASIC electronic circuits:  operational amps
Cable Impendence:  Describes what is cable characteristic impendence and how to calculate it.
Capacitors:  Capacitors: What are they good for?
Capacitive Sensors, An Introduction
00 Circuit Analysis Tutorial:  BASIC electrical laws and circuits analysis techniques.
Circuit Hut: Excellent list of Electronic Tutorials
Communications:  Tutorial Overview of Electronic Communications
  Convolutional Coding with Viterbi Decoding:  Describes commonly used forward-error-correction algorithms used in wireless communications. Provides a worked-out example and C-language simulation source code for a digital communications link using the algorithms.
DC Circuits Department of Physics, University of Guelph.
Digital Logic:  Tutorials Fundamentals of Digital Logic
EMC:  Tutorial on Electro-Magnetic Compatibility
  ETCAI Products:  Sells computer based software for teaching electricity and electronics. The programs are designed to supplement lecture and textbook instruction.
  Gerdes System Technology:  Describes PIC MicroController projects for motor control, chargers, and maximum power point (MPP) solar applications.
  Glencoe/McGraw-Hill:  Provides information on the BASIC Skills in Electricity and Electronics Series (Rainbow Series), and links to student and instructor sites.
High-Speed Digital Design:  Signal Integrity workshops taught Dr. Howard Johnson
  How Does a RF Receiver Work ?:  How do radio receivers manage to communicate over huge distances? An explanation of the fundamental mechanism.
  How Electronic Devices Work:  BASIC introduction to a variety of electronics technology applications targeted for the layperson.
  How Memory Works:  Describes basic things like addressing, multiplexing and contains troubleshooting guide.
00 How Stuff Works: Digital Clock:  Informative illustrated guide to how Digital Clocks operate including instructions describing how to build your own.
000 How Stuff Works: Digital Logic Circuits:  Graphical tutorial describes how you can build digital logic circuits using 7400 series TTL gates.
00 How Stuff Works: How Radio Works:  Explains radio operation basics, transmitters, receivers and antennas.
00 How Stuff Works: Stereo lithography:  Describes how to build 3D plastic prototypes almost as easily as printing something on a sheet of paper.
  How Telephones Work:  excellent tutorial describing the functioning of telephones.
00 Inductors:  Inductors: What are they good for?
00 Introduction to Power Electronics:  University of Technology, Sydney Australia
Lessons In Electric Circuits A free series of textbooks on the subjects of electricity and electronics.
OpAmps:  Operational Amplifiers Use & Operation
  PIC archive The file you need is PIC84V05.ZIP. The file contains DOS software and programmer schematic that will work with the PIC16C84, PIC16F84 or the newer PIC16F628
  PIC Microcontroller Tutorial A very good introduction to PIC micros that includes 13 tutorial pages to get you started programming PICs. You will also need a programmer to load the finished program (.HEX file) into the PIC. The DOS programmer software and schematic for the programmer can be downloaded from
000 PicoTurbine:  Renewable Energy: Windmill and Solar Projects
Play Hookey BASIC ideas about op-amps, analog circuits, optics, computers and digital logic.
Power Supply Design Tutorial  
00 Prototyping:  Prototyping/Breadboarding Tutorial
000 Radio Electronics:  Information and tutorials about all aspects of radio and related electronics components.
00 Red Rock Energy Heliostats:  High Powered Heliostat Array Concentrating Solar Collectors
000 RF Domain:  Continuing education software for designers and managers involved in RF, microwave and wireless component, subsystem and system engineering. Pricing and contact email address provided.
00 Resistors:  Basics: Resistors


A Brief History of Electricity – The Early Years: This is the first part of a set of articles charting the history of electronics from the very beginning to the present day. This article covers the first observations of electrical phenomena to Benjamin Franklin’s famous kite experiment.

00 Transistors:  transistors tutorials
00 Tutorials for EEs:  Mixers, Directional Couplers, Bartlett's Bisection Theorem, Constant Current Sources, Phase-Locked Loop, etc
00 University of Guelph:  DC Circuits Tutorial
University of Texas Online Tutorials
VK2TIP Ian Purdie's Tutorials:  Electronics Tutorials, Ham Radio, etc. --Large Resource
00 Williamson Labs:  Offers an extensive range of electronics tutorials online.
00 XYZ's of Oscilloscopes:  Tektronix guide describing how oscilloscope works and how to take simple measurements.
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00This is certainly not a complete list.  Please Email any suggestions.   Thanks.

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