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Last Updated on: Tuesday, April 01, 2014 04:31 AM

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TDA based Amplifier Schematics -  Schematics for many TDA based amplifiers. .(Circuit design added 11/08)
TDA1010 9W Power Amplifier -  The TDA1010 is a monolithic integrated class-B audio amplifier circuit in a 9-lead single in-line (SIL) plastic package. The device is primarily developed as a 6 W car radio amplifier for use with 4 Wand 2 Wload impedances. The wide supply voltage range and the flexibility of the IC make it an attractive proposition for record players and tape recorders with output powers up to 10 W. .(electronic schematic added 11/08)
TDA1011 6.5W Power Amplifier -  The TDA1011 is a monolithic integrated audio amplifier circuit in a 9-lead single in-line (SIL) plastic package. The device is especially designed for portable radio and recorder applications and delivers up to 4 W in a 4 W load impedance. The device can deliver up to 6 W into 4 W at 16 V loaded supply in mains-fed applications. .(Circuit design added 11/08)

TDA1013 4.2W Power Amplifier -  The TDA1013 is an integrated audio amplifier circuit with DC volume control, encapsulated in a 9-lead single in-line (SIL) plastic package. The wide supply voltage range makes this circuit ideal for applications in mains and battery-fed apparatus such as television receivers and record players. The DC volume control stage has a logarithmic control characteristic with a range of more than 80 dB; control is by means of a DC voltage variable between 2 and 6.5 V. .(design added 11/08)
TDA2002 8W Car Radio Power Amplifier -  TDA2002 8W Car Radio Power Amplifier with 10V-14V single rail voltage supply. Power output is 8W. Recommended for speakers with 2-8 ohm impedance. .(design added 11/08)
TDA2006 12W Power Amplifier -  12W TDA2006 power audio amplifier with 11V to 14V single voltage supply. For speakers with 2-8 ohm impedance. .(design added 11/08)
TDA2030 8 Watt Amplifier -  Although the TDA2030 can deliver 20 watts of output power, I deliberately reduced the output power to about 8 watts to supply 10 watt speakers.  Input sensitivity is 200mV. Higher input levels naturally will give greater output,(added 07/07/07) [Andy Collison]
TDA2030-14W Single Chip Power Amplifier -  There are many instances where a very simple to build (and relatively cheap) power amplifier is needed. The TDA2030 is a single chip amplifier capable of 14W output into 4 ohms with a few external components.....(design added 07/07/07).
TDA7294 Amplifier -  The TDA7294 amplifier module is a monolithic integrated circuit. It is intended for use as an audio class AB amplifier in hi-fi applications. It has a wide voltage range and output current capability, enabling it to supply the highest power into both 4 ohm and 8n ohm loads .(electronic schematic added 11/08)
Telephone Audio Interface -  Audio from a telephone line can be obtained using a transformer and capacitor to isolate the line from external equipment. A non-polarized capacitor is placed in series with the transformer line connection to prevent DC current from flowing in the transformer winding which may prevent the line from returning to the on-hook state. The capacitor should have a voltage rating above the peak ring voltage of 90 volts plus the on-hook voltage of 48 volts.... [Bill Bowden's circuit]
Telephone Headset Amplifier -  This circuit goes between a telephone and a headset. The project has a headset cord and plug (cut from a cheap cell phone headset) on the input and a suitable jack on the output. The speaker signal passes through this circuit, but the microphone signal is passed straight from the plug to the jack. This circuit is specifically....[Designed by Andrew R. Morris  (added 09/05)]
The 6N1P OTL Headphone Amplifier -  This version of the optimized Morgan Jones headphone amplifier uses 6N1P dual triode tubes and a standard power supply. The author provides extensive construction details. Includes simulation files for use with OrCAD Lite software.  Designed by Bruce Bender  (Circuit design added 01/08)
The Alexander Current-Feedback Audio Power Amplifier -  AN-211 Analog Devices Application Notes  (app note added 2/06)
The Audio/ Video Distribution Amplifier -  With the amount of equipment in home entertainment centers today the need to be able to vary the gain of the audio or video signal is needed. I found this particular circuit helpful when used in conjunction with the Universal Descrambler and a Stabilizer circuit I built for making copies of video tapes.... [Randy Linscott's site]

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