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Circuits Designed by Dave Johnson, P.E. :
TV /VCR Remote Range Extender Circuit   -  I often get frustrated by how poor some infrared remotes in many new electronic devices operate.  I used to be able to turn on the TV from 30 feet away.  Now, it seems that I have to get within 15 feet.  To address this issue, I designed the circuit shown below.  The circuit taps into the TV remote’s existing infrared LED and drives 8 more efficient devices.  The result is a communications range some 4 to 5 times longer.   . . . Circuit by Dave Johnson P.E.-October 05, 2005

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TeleTEXT Devices -  Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.
Use on your own risk. __ Designed by Mijo Kovacevic, S51KQ

The 6CM5 valve for Audio use -  Australia's most popular TV line output pentode, also known as EL36, undergoes some experiments to test its viability for audio amplifiers, particularly in single ended class A __ Contact: blehack @ yahoo dot com

The Damage Horizontal Lg TV -  Often find LG TV is switched off completely.  After checking it Hor short TR / koslet so that all the inverter output voltage drop.  Start with the appointment of TR page and check the voltage and turns back to normal. Do not always replace with a new TR because TR surely you will lose because they

Tiny RGB Video Multiplexer Switches Pixels at 100MHz -  DN205 Design Notes __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Trigger Locks onto one Horizontal Line -  09/02/96 EDN-Design Ideas Produces an oscilloscope trigger that synchronizes the horizontal sweep to a video signal that allows you to view any horizontal line by adjusting a potentiometer__ Circuit Design by Richard J Nachazel, Vista Electronics, Ramona, CA

TV /VCR Remote Range Extender Circuit -  I often get frustrated by how poor some infrared remotes in many new electronic devices operate.  I used to be able to turn on the TV from 30 feet away.  Now, it seems that I have to get within 15 feet.  To address this issue, I designed the circuit shown below.  The circuit taps into the TV remote’s existing infrared LED and drives 8 more efficient devices.  The result is a communications range some 4 to 5 times longer.. . . Circuit by Dave Johnson P.E.-October, 2005


TV Audio Video Transmitter -  This TV transmitter transmits audio and video signal from Camcoder Camera, DVD, VHS, Satellite, video game, etc.  Playing them in a channel free from the strip of VHF.  These signal can be radiated with a common antenna and captured in an it distances of until about 500 meters that it is the most appropriate for urban areas, reminding that and necessary to be a lot of caution and careful for not interfering in frequencies of other issuing, as well as to emergency services.  Depending on the local conditions (existence or not of obstacles).  Fed with tensions from 12 to 15 Volts, the circuit has excellent I carry out so much in the emission of monochrome signal, as in colors.  An important point of this project ‚the easiness with that he can be set up and adjusted, since only two coils are used.  Ideal to be used with surveillance cameras turning the without thread.  As it Works the tv video and audio transmitter with lm1889n The heart of this circuit transmitter ‚is the integrated circuit LM1889N of National Semiconductor, that consists of a Modulator of Video for TV in an involucres of 18 pins DIL.

TV Audio-Video Transmitter -  Schematic only __ Designed by va3iul

TV Based Receiver for a Standard Frequency Generator -  Schematic Only

TV Modulator -  This circuit uses an MC1373 to form a TV video modulator __ Designed by va3iul

TV Out Connection with CRT Discharge Protection -  how to protect video outputs of sensitive ICs, PDF file __ Designed by Chrontel

TV Pattern Generator -  This single-IC TV pattern generator is useful for fault finding in TV sets.  You can correct the alignment of the timing circuits of the TV set with the help of this __ Electronics Projects for You

TV Protect Circuit Dead Or Damaged ? -  Television set equipped with a circuit protector, then there are several possibilities that could occur if there is a problem on one of the circuits. Protect circuit horizontal part – When turned on the horizontal plane will live for a while, but then died again.  At the time of death when measured on the horizontal driver

TV remote control Blocker -  Just point this small device at the TV and the remote gets jammed.  The circuit is self explanatory.555 is wired as an astable multivibrator for a frequency of nearly 38 kHz.  This is the frequency at which most of the modern TVs __ Designed by Naveen P N

TV Remote Control Jammer -  Scroll to this oneDo you have an incessant channel hopper that is driving you crazy? Or perhaps you simply want to enforce your own selections.  The TV Remote Control Jammer will do the trick.  This circuit is a redo of an older design which is not effective on modern remotes.  Modern remote controls are hard to jam but with a little care this circuit will do the job.  The circuit is just a flasher operating at 40 kHz which is the carrier frequency used by common remote controls.  The strong 40 kHz infrared flashing interferes with the signal from the remote. __ Contact: Charles Wenzel of Wenzel Associates, Inc.

TV RGB Signal output from a SVGA Graphics card -  To achieve a CCInfrared conform TV signal with50 Hz vertical interlaced refresh and15.625 kHz horizontal frequency on most SVGA cards its possible to re-program CRT Timing and generate output signals outside the normal specification range.  Then some pretty simple hardware is needed for rest of the signal conversion. __ Designed by Steffen Köhler

TV Signal Amplifier -  This is a small, broad band, signal amplifier which covers the frequencies from 40 to 900 MHz.  These frequencies include TV in VHF and UHF and also the radio broadcasting frequencies in the 88108 MHz FM band. __ Designed by © of this circuit belongs to smart kit electronics

TV Transmitter -  One of the most useful gadgets a video enthusiast can have is a low-power TV Transmitter.  Such a device can transmit a signal from a VCR to any TV in a home or backyard.  Imagine the convenience of being able to sit by the pool watching your favorite movie on a portable with a tape or laser disc playing indoors.  You could even retransmit cable TV for your own private viewing.

TV Transmitter -  A VHF band TV transmitter using negative sound modulation and PAL video modulation.  This is suitable for countries using TV systems B and G. __ Designed by Submitted David Kwaku Celestin

TV Video Transmitter -  This is a TV transmitter for transmitting video of various video sources such as video cameras, Satellite receivers, DVD players, game consoles, etc.  TV transmitter's circuit is working on the 470-580 MHz frequency and can be received on UHF channels 21-34.  TV Video transmitter can radiate as far as 300 meters by using a 10-20 cm wire antenna.  TV transmitter requires voltage of 9-15 Volts.  However, you can also use a 9v batteries.  Oscillator is based around BF199 and BFR90 RF transistors.  If needed the range of TV transmitter can be extended by replacing BFR90 with 2N3886 transistors.

TV/Radio Antenna Cable galvanic isolator -  A ground loop in your AV system caused by antenna connection or TV cable is very common if you have your computer connected to the same system.  This type of ground loop problem can be solved by using suitable isolation between your AV system and the antenna cable.  The simplest way to get rid of the hum is to disconnect the antenna cable from the AV system.  If you still want to watch cabe TV or listen to your radio an keep the system hum free then you have to install isolators to all those antenna cable connections your system has __ Designed by Tomi Engdahl

TV-remote RC5/RC6 codes on a LCD -  Do you want to remote control the dim-level from the lighting, open and close the sun-blind and windows, turn the central heating on and off, and plenty more in your house with a normal TV remote control? Realize it with the projects underneath. 

UHF 2W AM ATV Transmitter -  Schematic only __ Designed by va3iul

UHF 5W AM ATV Transmitter -  Schematic only __ Designed by va3iul

UHF antenna Amplifier -  This amplifier circuit is used to amplify TV signals in UHF range.  It uses a low-noise transistor and gives 10 to 15 dB amplification in the frequency range from 400 MHz to 850 MHz.  The transistor must be shielded from the input components and in

UHF TV PreAmplifier -  This circuit is designed to work at UHF frequencies in the range 450-800MHz.  It has a gain of around 10dB and is suitable for boosting weak TV signals __ Designed by Andy Collison

UHF-TV Preamplifier -  Circuit only

Using foreign TV sets in Australia -  Brought an American , UK, or European TV set into Australia? Here's how to modify it for the local standards. __ Contact: blehack @ yahoo dot com

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