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Telecom Headset -  A compact, inexpensive and low component count telecom head-set can be constructed using two readily available transistors and a few other electronic components.  This circuit is very useful for hands-free operation __ Electronics Projects for You

Telephone FM Transmitter -  This FM transmitter attaches in series to one of your phone lines.  When there is a signal on the line (that is, when you pick up the handset) the circuit will transmit the conversation.  In particular it will radiate from the phone line itself.  It is a passive device, there is __ Designed by Electronics DIY

Telephone Headset Adaptor -  Keep your hands free with this simple low-cost project.  It can be used with any phone that uses RJ11 modular plugs and sockets.__ SiliconChip

Telephone Headset Amplifier -  This circuit goes between a telephone and a headset.  The project has a headset cord and plug (cut from a cheap cell phone headset) on the input and a suitable jack on the output.  The speaker signal passes through this circuit, but the microphone signal is __ Designed by Andrew R. Morris

Telephone Recorder -  This circuit lets you record your ph1-conversations automatically, notice that this circuit does not provide isolation between Telephone line and the recorder. __ Designed by Aaron Cake

Telephone Recording -  How they work and some example __ Designed by Tomi Engdahl

The 125 Theremin -  A Vacuum Tube Pitch Theremin|

The 126 Theremin -  A Complete Vacuum Tube Theremin|

The 144 Theremin -  An Improved Version of the Southwest Technical Products Model 142 Theremin|

The 145 Theremin -  An Improved Version of the 144 Theremin|

The 2006 Minimum Theremin -  An Improved Version of the Minimum Theremin|

The 203 Theremin -  A Battery-Operated Version of the Wien-Bridge Theremin|

The ESP SIM (Sound Impairment Monitor) -  The smallest variation in amplifier performance is shown with this simple circuit __ Designed by Rod Elliott  ESP

The JV80 Loudspeaker SystE - M -  Over the years, we have published a number of do-it-yourself speakers but the JV60 has easily been the most popular and long-lived.   Now there is this new system, still using Vifa speakers but with bigger (8-inch) woofers and a teensy little Vifa D26 dome tweeter.  In fact the tweeter looks so small and insubstantial that you'd wonder how it could possibly stay with the pace set by the two big woofers.  Yet it does it easily, due to some fancy technology which we'll get to in a moment.__ Phil Routley, SiliconChip

The Minimum Theremin -  A Very Simple Pitch Theremin|

The Technology of the Fuzz Face -  The Fuzz Face remains an enigma today, perhaps three decades after it first hit the market.  This simple, two transistor circuit remains for many the very definition of the guitar effects stomp pedal.  What makes such a simple circuit the stuff of legend? __ Designed by 1999 R.G. Keen

The Wien Bridge Theremin -  A Theremin without Inductors|

Theater Home Project -  PIC Project  This unit is designed to interface: TV sound, videotape sound, and 5.1 dvd sound to a 4 channel home theater system. __ Designed by Luhan Monat-Mesa Arizona

Theremin -  This circuit uses a common CMOS 4069 IC.    The MC14069 is pin for pin compatible. __ Designed by Tony van Roon  VA3AVR

Theremin for Tube Enthusiasts by Craig Sellen -  Nearly everyone who has ever watched television or attended a motion picture has heard music and background effects produced by a Theremin, yet relatively few could recognize the instrument, and fewer still have had the chance to own or play one.  With its astounding tonal and dynamic ranges, it has been used to produce background music and special effects in scores of science-fiction, fantasy, horror, and mystery shows __ Designed by C. Sellen

Theremin Model Introduction -  Since the publication of the type 144 theremin project article in September, 1998, many of them have been successfully constructed.  As in the 144, and its forerunner, the Southwest Technical Products model 142, the 145 theremin retains a heterodyne topology similar to that used by Mr.  Theremin in his original instruments.  (8/03) __ Designed by Arthur Harrison

Thermal Shutdown/ Protection -  The thermal protection of amplifiers is always a concern, since overheating is a sure way to reduce the life of semiconductors and other components.    Where you don't want to use a fan   (such as in Project 42Thermo-Fan for Amplifier Cooling), then a complete shutdown can be performed. __ Designed by Rod Elliott  ESP

Tiny Audio Amplifier using LM386 -  The Tiny Audio Amplifier kit is a good choice for battery operation.   It is based on LM386 IC. __ Designed by Rajkumar Sharma

Tone Detector -  This is also designed to be in conjunction with the sound detector amp/electret mike amp.  this circuit is designed to trigger on a 1 khz tone.  to change this frequencyrefer to the table below, then change the resistor and capacitor values accordingly __ Designed by Andy Wilson

Tone Generator -  this tone generator can be used to control your robot.  you will need to use the tone decoder for this.  to widen the range, higher or lowersubstitute a higher, or lower valued capacitor for c1. __ Designed by Andy Wilson

Transistor Organ -  This simple circuit can provide hours of enjoyment as you learn tunes, play duets or just make some really weird sounds by pushing all the buttons at once.  You have probably seen this circuit before, it is fairly common.  I have seen it in several __ Designed by Aaron Cake

Truth About Vocal Eliminators -  Sometimes a vocal can be removed almost completely, but just as often the results are disappointing, just information without circuit diagrams|

Two Line Output Combiner -  Sometimes there is need to combine the output of two line level audio sources to be fed to one input.  A standard way in professional audio is to use a mixing desk, but on home audio system you might want to look for a simpler and less expensive alternative.  Some people have suggested of combining two audio outputs with an "Y-adapter" which is ment to split one output.  Those adapters are just one male connector and two feamle connector directly wired to each other in the followin way: __ Designed by Tomi Engdahl

Two way cross-over 3500 Hz  -  High Quality simple unit ;No need for a preamplifier. __ Contact: IQ Technologies

Two-Way Stereo Headphone Adaptor -  Do you have a stereo amplifier without a headphone socket but want to listen to your music via headphones? If so, this versatile Stereo Headphone Adaptor will do the job.  It connects between your amplifier and loudspeakers, has several operating modes and features two output sockets with individual volume controls.__ SiliconChip

Universal Preamplifier -  Most audio amplifier systems must have preamplifiers with many different characteristics.  These include high-gain linear response for magnetic microphones, low-gain linear response for tuners, and high-gain RIAA equalization for magnetic phone cartridges. __ Designed by YMYA electronics-IZHAR FAREED

Use the CD-ROM Drive as a Audio CD Player Without the Computer -  Most of the CDROMS available have an Audio-Out Output to either plug in the headphones or connect it to an amplifier.   This circuit enables one to use the CDROM as a stand alone Audio CD player without the computer.   This circuit is nothing but a power supply which supplies +5v, +12V and Ground to the CDROM drive and hence  can be used without the computer|

Variable Dual LAB Power Supply -  Up to 800mA (typical) output current at +/-25V. __ Designed by Rod Elliott  ESP

Vibrato Unit for Guitar -  A reasonably simple circuit, with results similar to the Vox AC30 guitar amp __ Designed by G. Forrest Cook

Voice feedback enhances engineering calculator -  07/11/02 EDN-Design Ideas The screen shot in Figure 1 represents a Microsoft Excel 2002 worksheet designed to implement VFI(voice-feedback interface] for an engineering calculator.  The voice-interface technique has both practical and educational aspects.  It automates the common task of finding the values of two resistors for a given ratio Design by Alexander Bell, Infosoft International Inc, Rego Park, NY

Voice-Over -  This is a circuit where a microphone and preamp circuit   (voice circuit) have priority over any other audio signal.  You can think of this as a one way intercom, if the main amplifier is used for listening to music, then when the push to talk switch is pressed, the amplifier is switched to the voice signal. __ Designed by Andy Collison

Volume Control -  This digital volume control has no pot to wear out and introduces almost no noise in the circuit.  Instead, the volume is controlled by pressing UP and DOWN buttons.  This simple circuit would be a great touch to any home audio project. __ Designed by Aaron Cake

Warbler siren -  This circuit provides a good siren noise suitable for warding off robot-predators! Change the pitch by adjusting R2, and R5 __ Designed by Andy Wilson

Watt Compressor -  The Watt Compressor is a super transparent vocal and instrument compressor that you can build.

Weighting Filter for Audio Measurements -  For noise measurements.  Ideal for use with the AC Millivoltmeter above __ Designed by Rod Elliott  ESP

Wien-bridge Theremin -  This circuit is a basic theremin with only a pitch control.  It uses the "heterodyne" technique, as did Theremin's original instrument.  Heterodyning is advantageous in its simplicity, and is made further attractive in this Design by eliminating the coils that are usually hard to find (electronic design 10/05) __ Designed by Arthur Harrison

Wireless IR Headphone RX-TX CD4 046 -  Schematic only __ Designed by va3iul

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