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Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

8 Line Intercommunication using 89c51 -  ….(design added 08/08) [Site is underconstruction right now]
Creating Your Own Telephone Ne2 Rk -  you can easily create your own intercom system using two telephones, a 9-volt battery (or some other simple power supply) and a300-ohm resistor (added 4/02)
Door Phone Intercom -  A simple 2 way Intercom based on the LM386386 using 8 ohm speakers….(schematic / Circuit design added 9/02)
Full-Duplex Intercom -  No complex switching required Simple circuitry, 6-12V supply  (added 3/05)
Head Set Intercom  -  (diagram added 6/03)
High Quality Intercom (Andy Collison) -  A very high quality intercom, which may also be used for room monitoring….(electronic design added 10/06)
IFB Intercom  -  (diagram added 6/03)

Intercom (Randy Linscott) -  This circuit was requested by an school teacher. It is a simple intercom that anyone can put together and get to work. It is based on the LM380 IC chip.  This chip is able to put out 2 watts of power if it is heat sink properly. The following pins ….(added 04/05/06)
Intercom Preamp -  a convenient way of making an intercom is to use a loudspeaker as a microph1(added 4/02)
Intercom Schematic -  (electronic circuit added 4/05)
Intercom system 
Intercom with fader -  Suitable for tandem bicycles and motor cycles. Connects to iPod and similar MP3 audio players.  (electronic diagram added 6/07)
InterCommunication -  This is a great intercom circuit that can be used in many ways. It uses 22V to operate and maybe it will work at a lower voltage (you can try it). For input/output it uses a loundspeaker (20-45 Ohm) on each side….(circuit diagram added 09/08) [Site is underconstruction right now]
Low cost intercom using transistors -  .... (added 10/05)
Low Cost Transistorised Intercom -  (electronic Circuit / Schematic added 10/04)
Low Power Op Amp   Audio Amp Intercom -  The example below illustrates using an op-amp as an audio amplifier for a simple intercom. A small 8 ohm speaker is used as a microphone which is coupled to the op-amp input through a 0.1uF capacitor. The speaker is sensitive to low frequencies and the small value capacitor serves to attenuate the lower tones and produce a better overall response. You can experiment with different value capacitors to improve the response for various speakers. The op-amp voltage gain is determined by the ratio of the feedback resistor to the series input resistor which is around one thousand in this case.... (electronic circuit added 7/03)
Old Telephones as Intercom -  (electronic Circuit diagram added 03/03/03)
Old Telephones as Intercom (Markus Wandel) -  ASCII format (added 8/03)


Intercoms:  #'s - O      P - Z

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