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Audio Circuits:  Power Amplifiers
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Screen-Driven Direct-Coupled Single-Ended EL509/6KG6 Stereo Amp -  The Svetlana EL509/6KG6 is a rugged beam tetrode with a plate dissipation rating of 35W.  It may be classified as a "sweep tube" because it was originally designed as a horizontal sweep amplifier for TV applications.  Its high sensitivity and efficiency allows for up to 15W output from a single tube.  As with any other beam tetrode or pentode, however, distortion in single-ended operation can be high.  Large amounts of feedback are generally required to reduce distortion to acceptable levels for audio reproduction __ Designed by Bob Danielak

SE 300B Amp -  The schematic for my latest SE 300B amp __ Designed by Bob Danielak

Simple Circuit 10W OCL Audio Amplifier with TL081 -  The circuit given below is of a simple audio amplifier that can deliver 12W to an 8 Ohm speaker.  Op amp IC TL081 is used as the preamplifier here.  Actually any opamp with matching power supply ratings can be used instead of TL081.  Transistors Q1 and Q2 (TIP125 and TIP120) comprises the power amplifier stage.  Output is taken from the collector junction of two transistors

Simple Circuit Amplifier -  This is the low frequency power amplifier of which the penumbra article can be composed without using it hardly.  The about 660-mW output can be gotten with the 16-ohm speaker.   This circuit is used for the simple monitor and so on __ Designed by Seiichi Inoue

Simple Circuit Car Preamplifier & Artificial Earth -  Especially for car audio installations, can be used for any single supply system __ Designed by Rod Elliott  ESP

Simple Circuit Class a Amplifier-10W audio output -  This page describes an antenna, a 1 watt final output stage, and a transformation network for radio experiments at 187 kHz __ Designed by J. L. Linsley Hood, M.I.E.E.

Simple Circuit Current Feedback Power Amplifier -  The amplifier shown here was previously incorrectly referred to as 'El-Cheapo'.  Thanks to a reader who had a copy of the original 1964 article, it was immediately obvious that my recollection was flawed in the extreme. __ Designed by Rod Elliott  ESP

Simple Circuit Pre-Regulator -  Use this to adapt P05 to a power amp supply for your preamp __ Designed by Rod Elliott  ESP

Single Chip 50 Watt/8 Ohm Power Amplifier -  Uses National Semiconductor LM3876 Power IC.  Voltage gain is 27dB.    Voltage gain is 27dB as shown, but this can be changed by using a different value resistor for the feedback path (R3, currently 22k, between pins 3 and 9).  The inductor consists of 10 turns of 0.4mm enameled copper wire, wound around the body of the 10 Ohm resistor.  The insulation must be scraped off each end and the wire is soldered to the ends of the resistor. __ Designed by Rod Elliott  ESP

Single Ended 5687 Amplifier -  Single Ended 5687 Amp and power supply schematics, only, for now. __ Designed by robert.m.danielak

Single Ended Class A2 Sv81110 Stereo Amp -  This project actually began its life as a Single-ended 211 design.  I received the Parts Connection Catalog just before Christmas (1995).  In the back were the data sheets for various tubes, including the lovely 211.  I had been hearing a lot of good things about this tube, so I started pokeing around.  Most designs I found used a B+ between 850 and 1200VDC.  While I wasn't _too_ put off by these relatively high voltages, I wondered if I couldn't just come up with something a little more manageable.  Around the same time I began top hear a lot of noise about Class A2 designs using 801's or 805's, etc.  Hmmmm __ Designed by robert.m.danielak

Single-Ended 2A3 Amp -  This amp uses a 6C45pi input tube loaded by a 1:1 Interstage Transformer (I used the inexpensive model available from Allied Electronics).  The 6C45pi is supposedly not rated for more than 200V on the plate, but I have not had any trouble with 300V in this application.  You may not wish to follow in my footsteps if you paid a lot for your 6C45pi's __ Designed by Bob Danielak

Small Amplifier -  Here is a simple and humble mini 2W amplifier suitable for small pocket radios and other portable audio gadgets.  The circuit is based on Phillips Semiconductors IC TDA 7052.  The amplifier can be run even from a 3V Mercury button cell.  This makes it ideal for battery operated gadgets

Small Audio Amplifiers -  Making small, inexpensive, simple 1-Watt audio amplifiers that produce high quality sound. __ Designed by Manfred Mornhinweg

Small bench Amplifier ideal for testing audio stages ins -  This mini audio amplifier will test the audio stages in amplifiers such as the front end of FM bugs.  You can also use it on lots of our other projects as well as the output stages of radios.  It is a very handy piece of test equipment and will make a perfect addition to your collection __ Designed by Collin Mitchell

Smart gate-drive optocoupler with integrated flyback controller -  EDN-Design Ideas 03/13/2015   A smart gate-drive optocoupler for FETs & IGBTs is ideal for distributed power supplies, power inverters, motor drives, and more__ Circuit Design by Avago Tech Note

Soft Start for Power Amps -  Although the soft start circuit can be added to any sized transformer, the winding resistance of 300VA and smaller transformers is generally sufficient to prevent a massive surge current.  Use of a soft start circuit is definitely recommended for 500VA and larger transformers __ Designed by Rod Elliott  ESP

Soft Switching Amplifier with Tone Controls -  Built around an LM380, this amplifier includes tone controls and electronic "soft switching".  The soft switching circuitry ensures power is built up gradually eliminating the dc thump __ Designed by Andy Collison

Solid State Power Op-Amp Amplifier -  LM675 Amp Schematics, only.  This was my minimalist interpretation of the so-called "Gaincard" amplifier.  It uses the minimum number of parts I could get away with.  All parts are directly soldered to the IC leads for minimal stray inductance.  It works and sounds suprisingly good! __ Designed by Bob Danielak

Solid-state Fender Blackface Preamp -  All-FET version of the celebrated valve guitar preamp; Can be easily modified to Marshall Tone Controls specs __ Contact: Flavio Dellepiane, fladello @ tin.it

Speaker Microphone -  This circuit takes an ordinary loudspeaker and allows it to be used in reverse, as a microphone. __ Designed by Andy Collison

Speech Amplifier Box -  Small portable device6V battery operation;  Suitable for teachers, lecturers, tourists' guides etc. __ Contact: Flavio Dellepiane, fladello @ tin.it

Stereo jack adds no-cost power/logic control -  EDN-Design Ideas – April 15, 1999    [ NOTE : File has multiple design, scroll for this one.]  Many battery-powered devices use peripherals that require only two conductors to complete their interfaces.  You can use stereo phone jacks and monaural plugs to perform power- or logic-control functions in addition to completing their required I/O connections.  Monaural plugs short-circuit the ring and sleeve of stereo jacks.  You can place the ring connector, normally considered a redundant ground return, into service as an spst switch.  __ Circuit Design by Gary O’Neil, IBM Microelectronics, Research Triangle Park, NC

Stereo Push Pull 3CX300A1 Amplifier -  The schematic is shown HERE.  At some point I will add some detail for this amp, but it is loosely based upon my "Beast" amplifier, referenced elsewhere on this page. __ Designed by Bob Danielak

does not.  Records will sound very strange without an RIAA preamp. __ Designed by billd @ reprise.com

Stereo Tube Amplifier -  The circuit is simple, yet is capable of excellent performance.  I designed it specifically for use as an amplifier for the digital sound card in my computer.  Audio input can be from any two-channel line level device such as a television, CD player __ Designed by Aaron Cake

Stereo-amplifier IC's outputs drive multiple loads -  11/21/05  EDN-Design Ideas Reference provIdeas constant bias voltage regardless of supply-voltage variations__ Circuit Design by Jean-Jacques Avenel, Maxim Integrated Products, Lesigny, France

Stereovahvistin 2 x 220W RMS -  This is a building plan for an audio amplifier with2 x220-Watt output power.  Text is in Finnish

Subwoofer Equaliser -  The Linkwitz transform circuit is a hugely flexible way to equalize the bottom end of a sealed loudspeaker enclosure.  A speaker that is corrected using this method is flat from below resonance to the upper limit of the selected driver.  The low frequency roll off point is determined by the parameters of the transform circuit __ Designed by Rod Elliott  ESP

Synchronous Oscillator Converts Audio, Video to FM  -  07/22/99 EDN-Design Ideas The synchronous oscillator(SO) and the coherent phase-locked synchronous oscillator(CPSO) are universal multifunctional networks that track, synchronize, and amplify as much as 80 dB; improve SNR by as much as 70 dB; and modulate AM, FM, and FSK signals__ Circuit Design by Vasil Uzunoglu, Synchtrack, Gaithersburg, MD


Audio Power Amplifiers:   #'s - A       B - E      F - L      M - R      S - Z

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