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Camera Circuits
Camera Circuits:  #'s - B       C- H       I-L       M - Z

Last Updated on:
Monday, March 09, 2015 04:12 AM

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3 Xenon flashing circuits found in flash for disposable cameras -  You are going to like this project. It costs less than $3.00, contains six BUILDING BLOCKS, re-cycles a disposable flash camera and you are going to learn a lot about electronics.
Everyone has seen a disposable flash camera….(electronic schematic / circuit added 05/07)
AN080 Digital CCD Camera Design Guide -  (app note added 6/07)
AN34 ZXSC100 Power Supply for Digital Still Camera -  Zetec Semiconductors  Applications Notes Presented in this applications note is a typical sytem power supply design for a digital still camera. The solution is based on  ZXSC100 DC-DC boost converter which provides an efficient and cost effective design. Conversion is from a two cell alkaline battery, 3V to 2V, to a regulated 3.3V output with a maximum load current of 100mA. All performance graphs associated with this design are provided in  application note.   (app note added 2/06)
AN-42036/ PCB Grounding System & FAN2001/FAN2011 High Performance DC-DC Converters -  Fairchild Application Notes / (app note added 6/06)
AN-833: Using the AD7142 & a Capacitive Sensor to Develop a Single-Push Digital Shutter Button -  AN-833 Analog Devices Application Notes  (app note added 6/06)

Automatic Camera Shutter Releases -  I've used two methods to electrically sense a rocket launch to trigger a camera.  The first thing I tried was a normally-closed circuit created by clipping an alligator clip to  top of  metal launch rod.  When  rocket reaches  top of  rod  launch lug knocks  clip off, opening  circuit, which is sensed by a device which triggers  camera.  This worked reliably, and has  virtue of simplicity.  But, it had....  (added 02/05)
Automatic-exposure scheme uses CCD shutter  -  07/02/98 EDN-Design Ideas This application follows the Design Idea, “Peak detector maximizes CCD-sensor range” (E D N, Aug 15, 1996]..... [Design Idea by GIOVANNI ROMEO AND SANDRO RAO, ISTITUTO NAZIONALE DI GEOFISICA, ROME, ITALY]
Basic FlashLamp Illumination Circuitry for Cellular Telephones/Cameras -  DN345  Design Notes (Linear Technology) (app note added 1/06)
Batteries charger & PSU-ideal for Digital cameras -  This circuit was created for digital cameras. It's known the digital cameras have considerable power consumption. For example my camera Minolta E223 requires….(electronic design added 08/08/08) [Site is under construction right now]
Build a simple one-chip phototimer -  8-Jul-04 Issue of EDN  Recently, I needed to automatically switch on a lamp when it became dark and keep it on for a given time. Trying not to reinvent the wheel, I looked through what was available on the market, but I could not find an inexpensive device that satisfied the requirement. Some products worked like a photoswitch, lighting a lamp when it becomes dark and keeping it on while it is dark—in other wor.... [Design Idea by Abel Raynus, Armatron International, Malden, MA]
Build yourself a Witness Camera -  The Witness Camera is an automated, self-recording surveillance camera, that uses a gigabyte-class flash card as recording media. I designed the Witnesscam because available surveillance solutions were too expensive or impractical for home use. I built the system from a VGA CMOS colour camera, a passive-infrared (PIR) movement sensor, an ATmega32 processor, and a 1GB SD-card....(design added 06/05) 

Camera Circuits:  #'s - B       C- H       I-L       M - Z

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