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Digital to Analog (DAC) Circuits

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C reprograms audio DAC via serial interface EDN-Design Ideas 01/07/1999   NOTE :  Mulitple Ideas, Scroll to find this one.  You can use a simple C to continuously program an audio DAC so that it operates in a 20-bit resolution mode   (Figure 1).  After power-on, the PCM1710 delta-sigma DAC   (Burr-Brown Corp, www.burr-brown.com) operates in its default 16-bit resolution mode.  Switching to its 20-bit resolution mode requires supplying the converter with a control word using its three-wire serial digital interface   (SDI).__ Circuit Design by Lukasz Sliwczynski, University of Mining and Metallurgy, Institute of Electronics, Cracow, Poland

13 Volt DC to 120 Volt AC Inverter This Inverter takes 12 volt DC and steps it up to 120 volt a.  c.  The wattage depends on which transistors you use for Q1 and Q2, as well as the "Amp Rating" of the transformer you use for T1.  This inverter can be constructed to supply anywhere from 1 to 1000   (1 KW) watts __ Designed by Aaron Cake

16-bit adjustable reference uses 8-bit digital potentiometers 12/25/03 EDN-Design Ideas It may be easy to find a precision voltage reference for your application; however, a programmable precision reference is another matter.  The circuit in Figure 1 yields a precision reference with an LSB of 62.5 V.  The circuit is a 16-bit DAC using three 8-bit digital potentiometers and three CMOS op amps__ Circuit Design by Bonnie Baker, Tucson, AZ

1ppm Settling Time Measurement for a Monolithic 18-Bit DAC Linear Technology AN120 __ Designed by Jim WilliamsMar 10th, 2010

2 DAC Adds & Subtracts 09/01/98 EDN-Design Ideas A typical way to add two binary words and provide an analog output is to use several digital ICs that drive a DAC.  The circuit in Figure 1  eliminates the use of several digital-IC packages and, hence, the need for the digital power supply.  The circuit simultaneously carries out addition and subtraction.   File has many circuits, scroll down.__ Circuit Design by V Manoharan, Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory, Kochi, India

2 DAC's Produce True Bipolar Operation 08/18/94 EDN-Design Ideas The 8-bit multiplying DAC-08 is a versatile device that offers excellent performance at low cost.  This DAC produces an output current that is the product of an 8-bit digital number and the input reference current.__ Circuit Design by Ravindranathan, Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory

20-bit DAC Demonstrates the art of digitizing 1 ppm, part 1: exploring Design options 04/12/01  EDN Technical Article: For the price of a San Francisco dinner, you can put standards-lab performance on a circuit board.  Part 1 of this three-part article chronicles a 1-ppm DAC and its various design options, part 2 in the next issue presents verification techniques, and part 3 discusses the handling of parasitic effects.__ Circuit Design by Jim Williams, EDN's most revered contributor, passed away in June 2011 after a stroke.  He was 63.

20-bit DAC simplifies MRI-signal path 10-Jun-10 EDN-Design Ideas You can configure the output for standard unipolar 5 and 10V or bipolar 5 and 10V ranges.  The device operates from a 33V bipolar power supply and consumes 4.2 mA of current on the analog power pins and 800 mA on the digital power pin.  It directly drives a 60-kΩ load, eliminating linearity and noise degradation that are the drawbacks of output-buffering op amps__ Circuit Design by Paul Rako, Technical Editor

24-Bit 192kHz PCM1793 DAC with DIR9001 Receiver & OPA2134 OPAMP 24-Bit 192KHz PCM1793 DAC is is perfect solution for upgrading audio components such as CD Player, DVD Player, Blue Ray Player, Computer, and Satellite receiver.  It can be easily connected via Coaxial S/PDIF or Optical Cable and provides convenient analog output connectors.  PCM1793 Audio DAC board features advanced Burr-Brown PCM1793 DAC chip, high quality OPA2134 op-amp, and latest DIR9001 digital line receiver.  PCB board is built with high quality components such as Nichicon Audio capacitors, WIMA capacitors, gold plated connectors, gold plated PCB tracks and metal film resistors.  PCM1793 DAC provides detailed heights and exceptionally good sound stage. __

2-quadrant multiplying DAC utilizes octal CMOS buffer 09/30/13  EDN-Design Ideas Here's a novel approach to making a multiplying DAC__ Circuit Design by Ajoy Raman

3V & 5V 12-Bit Rail-To-Rail Micropower DACs Combine Flexibility & Performance DN127 Design Notes___ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

A faster PWM-based DAC EDN-Design Ideas 12/30/2015    PWM DACs are cheap, cheerful, and slow.  But This Design Idea describes a way to speed them up__ Circuit Design by Dusan Ponikvar

A Standards Lab Grade 20-Bit DAC with 0.1ppm/ Drift: The Dedicated Art of Digitizing One Part Per Million Linear Technology AN86 __ Designed by Jim WilliamsJan 1st, 2001

AN74Component and Measurement Advances Ensure 16-Bit DAC Settling Time Linear Technology AN74 __ Designed by Jim WilliamsJul 1st, 1998

AN86A Standards Lab Grade 20-Bit DAC with 0.1ppm/ Drift: The Dedicated Art of Digitizing One Part Per Million Linear Technology AN86 __ Designed by Jim WilliamsJan 1st, 2001

Buffer adapts single ended signals for differential inputs 09/02/04  EDN-Design Ideas DC coupling of single-ended signals into differential-input, single-supply ADCs can be challenging.  The input signal requires level shifting from ground to VS/2 as well as single-ended-to-differential conversion.  In addition, you mu __ Designed by Randall Carver, Analog Devices Inc, Greensboro, NC

Digital to Analog Circuits:   #'s - B      C - D        E - O      P - T      U - Z

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