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Last Updated on: Tuesday, June 01, 2021 03:06 PM

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Triangle Signal Generator

A Discover Circuits visitor needed a variable low frequency triangle signal generator, which would produce a full 5 volts peak to peak signal using a 5v supply.  I suggested the circuit below.  It uses three rail to rail op Amps (2 LMC6484 dual op Amp packages).  The first circuit produces a clean 2.5v reference voltage.  The second is configured as a classic multivibrator oscillator, whose frequency can be changed using a variable resistor. 

The waveform generated across the oscillator timing capacitor is fairly linear and is restricted to only 1 volt peak to peak.  It swings a half volt above and below the 2.5v reference.  The voltage across the capacitor is then Amplified by the third op Amp by a factor of 5.  The result is a pretty clean triangle signal, which approaches to within a few tens of millivolts of the supply rails.

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Triangle Generator Circuit , Circuit designed by David A. Johnson, P.E.

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