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LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Circuits
LCD Circuits: #s - C      D - K      L 's      M - R      S- Z

Last Updated: April 07, 2016 12:59 PM

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1 IC Biases LCD and GaAsFET Amplifier -  04/09/98 EDN Design Idea   (File contains several circuits, scroll to this one) Operating from a lithium-ion cell or a four-cell NiCd battery, the circuit in Figure 1provides 6V bias for LCDs and a separate, quiet negative bias for a GaAsFET power. . .  [by John Wettroth, Maxim Integrated Products, Apex, NC]

1 wire brings power & data to LCD module -  01/27/14     EDN Design Idea   If you need to connect a small remote LCD display, or your µC has run out of I/O pins, here’s a good, cheap solution - Embedded systems frequently use HD44780 - type LCD displays as it is considered the most popular alphanumeric display controller. The interface comprises at least 14 pins: eight for data, three for control (EN, WR, RS), two for power supply (VDD, VSS), and one for contrast (Vre). Configured in 8 - bit mode, it requires at least 10 I/O lines (D0D7, EN, RS). Configured in 4 - bit mode, it requires at least six I/O lines (D4D7, EN, RS). . .  [by Benabadji Noureddine]

128x64 LCD assembly Driver for AT90S2314 -  Here you will find a source code to drive a  graphics  LCD display 128x64 pixels with  AT90S2313.The  connections between LCD and  AVR, you will find  them to the source code. . .  [Designed by Vassilis Serasidis]

1-Wire 8-bit LCD Reference Design  -  This application note demonstrates creating a 1-Wire® 8-bit LCD. The code to drive the DS2408 LCD display is also provided. The LCD used was the Data Vision Model NO: DV-16252-S1FBLY, however any LCD with this Hitachi 44780 based LCD controller chip can be used. . . .  [Maxim Integrated]


2-Way Multiplexed LCD Drive & Low Cost A/D-Converter using V/F Techniques with COP8 MicroControllers -  Application Note. . .  [National Semiconductor]

2-Wire LCD Interface using PIC16cf84 -  Alphanumeric LCD displays have become very popular for microcontroller applications because y can add a lot to a project in a variety of different ways. A text message givinguser instructions as well as feedback can make application seem much more "professional". . .  [Reynold's Elec]

3 Output TFT LCD Bias Supply with a Boost Regulator-MP1542-DN0005 -  Monolithic Power Systems, Inc Design Note. . . 

5W PLL Stereo Transmitter with LCD -  Here's PLL FM transmitter circuit from china. This circuit uses the familiar 2SC1971 for final power amplifier stage. . . .  [E-mail:sky @ cantonmade.com MSN:balalove2008 @ hotmail.com]

7-segment LCD uses two-wire interface -  09/04/03 EDN Design Idea   You can connect seven-segment LCDs using only a two-wire interface (Figure 1). The two-wire interface may be at the field-effect, direct-drive LCD or at a serial interface (such as I2C) that uses an eight-pin microcontroller. The design in Figure 1 uses an Atmel (www. atmel. com) ATtiny12 microcontroller, IC1. VCC can range from 2. 7 to 5. 5V. Each digit receives drive from an 8-bit 74HC164 shift register, which provides seven outputs for each of the segments and one output for a decimal point or a colon. . .  [by Hans Krobath]

A Fourth Generation of LCD Backlight Technology -  AN65 Linear Technology This publication, LTC's fourth effort devoted to LCD backlighting in as many years, treats subject comprehensively. The text considers lamps, display and layout induced losses, circuitry, efficiency related issues, optimization and measurement techniques. Twelve appended sections cover lamp types, mechanical design, electrical and photometric measurement, layout, circuitry and related topics. . . .  [Linear Technology]

A Precision Wideband Current Probe for LCD Backlight Measurement -  DN101 Design Notes (Linear Technology). . .  [Linear Technology]

Active-Matrix LCD Bias Supply Operates from Battery Input -  02/03/00 EDN Design Idea   Many active-matrix-LCD applications need multiple voltages for thin-film-transistor (TFT]bias. Typically, three voltages are necessary5V for column driver; a positive voltage, such as 10V; and a negative voltage, such -5V, for . . .  [by Michael Shrivathson, National Semiconductor Corp, Santa Clara, CA]

Advanced LCD Driver Enables Design of Lower-Cost, Higher-Performance Data Projectors -  Scroll to find this circuit. . .  [Analog Devices-Analog Dialogue by Frasch, Zoltan and Spence, Edmund]

AN14 Transistor Considerations for LCD Backlighting -  Zetex Semiconductors Applications Note:   A study of  parametric requirements of Bipolar transistors for  self-oscillating resonant "Royer" inverter with respect to LCD backlighting, including circuit behaviour,   voltage ratings of most relevance to ensure optimised device selection, and compact packaging options. . . 

AN179: Interfacing a Color LCD Module -  . . . 

AN-350: Designing an LCD Dot Matrix Display Interface -  Application Note. . .  [National Semiconductor]

AN563: Using PIC16c5x MicroControllers as LCD Drivers -  Application Note Published 26-Aug-97. . .  [Microchip]

AN587: Interfacing Picmicro® Mcus to an LCD Module -  Application Note Published 26-Aug-97. . .  [Microchip]

AN658: LCD Fundamentals using PIC16c92x MicroControllers -  Application Note Published 26-Aug-97. . .  [Microchip]

AN-673: 2-Way Multiplexed LCD Drive & Low Cost A/D-Converter using V/F Techniques with COP8 MicroControllers -  Application Note. . .  [National Semiconductor]

AN-953: LCD Triplex Drive with COP820cj -  Application Note. . .  [National Semiconductor]

Audio noise generator drives earphones or small speaker  -  This is a circuit that generates white noise, rolled-off to drive earphones or a small speaker. White noise creates is a "rushing" sound, which sounds something like air rushing by your ear (s). White noise would be flat with frequency, and since this circuit rolls off within the audio range, I refer to it as "rolled-off" noise. White (or rolled-off) noise. . .  [From Dick Cappels' project pages]

AVR 2x16 LCD & 4x4 keypad driver -  A very simple circuit to experiment with AT90S2313, 2x16 LCD display and 4x4 keypad. The clock based on 4 MHz crystal, but you can use anyone crystal between 1-4 MHz. The keys with the name "A","B""F" are typed to the LCD with numbers 10-16. Because the AVR have only 15 I/O pins we are working the LCD display with 4-bit databus. The 4 resistors (10K) are to protect the AVR from the shortcuts as the coloumn of the keypad is change. . .  [by Serasidis Vasilis]

Build your own printer cable LCD Display -  Connecting a LCD display to your personal computer is an easy job. Displaying data from your PC to a LCD can be proven very exiting, so give it a try and build your own today! In this article we will use a 2 lines x 16 characters LCD display with Hitachi HD44780 onboard controller . . .  [by IQ Technologies Industry, unless otherwise noted online]

Casio LCD graphing data logger -  An handheld data logger that uses a Casio Graphing Calculator as its main display, calculus and backup unit, connected to the external world thanks to a PIC16F84 and a 12 bit A/D converter! . . .  [Alberto Ricci Bitti]

CCFL Tester for LCD Screens -  This is a circuit to test the CCFL (Compact cold cathode fluorescent lamp) tube in a LCD backlight unit, which may help the hardware technician to speed up his work. This basic circuit (go/no go test) is portable, 6V battery operated and can be used to test almost all types of LCD backlight CCFL tubes. . . .  [© EFY Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved]

Character LCD Displays. Part 1 -  LCD character displays can be found in espresso machines, laser printers, children's toys and maybe even the odd toaster. The Hitachi HD44780 controller has become an industry standard for these types of displays. This tutorial will. . . 

Character LCD Displays. Part 2 -  This tutorial continues from Character LCD Displays - Part 1. In this part we will connect the LCD module to an Atmega8 microcontroller, then write some code to drive it. The Circuit Our first task is to build the circuit. Click to. . . 

Circuit provides effective LCD drive -  09/28/00 EDN Design Idea   LCDs find wide use in portable instruments, thanks to their attractive display and low power consumption. The circuit in Figure 1 is an effective driver for LCDs. The circuit comprises two main sections—the ICM7211 drivers (IC2 . . .  [by Luo Ben Cheng, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China]

Circuit Tricks Increase LCD Contrast -  04/24/97 EDN Design Idea   A popular combination in embedded designs is the Microchip Technology PIC µC mated to one of the many available LCD modules. These combinations provide a low-cost, simple way to add intelligence to any design. The LCD modules are specified to operate from one 5V supply, but the lack of a negative voltage to bias the LCD backplane severely limits the available LCD contrast. The true spirit of embedded PIC designs lies in their simplicity and the minimum number of parts they use. Hence, most designs usually compromise with less-than-optimum contrast. However, by adding a few extra parts, you can obtain suitable bias voltages that give you your money's worth in LCD contrast. . .  [by Steve Hageman, Hewlett-Packard, Santa Rosa, CA]

Connect a 2x16 characters LCD display to a 4x4 keypad -  Connect some 2x16 characters LCD display and 4x4 keypad with AVR microcontroller. . . 

Connecting AT90S2313 with LCD display 2x16 char & 4x4 keypad -  A very simple circuit for experiments with AT90S2313,  2x16 LCD display and 4x4 keypad. The clock is based on 4 MHz crystal, but you can use any other crystal between 1-4 MHz. The keys with the name "A","B" . . . "F" are typed to the LCD with numbers 10-16. . . .  [by Serasdis Vasilis]


LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Circuits
LCD Circuits: #s - C      D - K      L 's      M - R      S- Z

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