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Latch Circuits
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Last Updated on: Tuesday, April 01, 2014 04:29 AM

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

AN763: Latch-Up Protection for MOSFET Drivers -  Microchip Application Note Published 5-Feb-03.....[App Note]
AN-932: SEU & Latch Up Tolerant Advanced CMOS Technology -  National Semiconductor Application Note  (app note added 2/06)
AN-989: AN-989 Single Event Upset & Latchup Considerations for CMOS Devices Operated at 3.3 V -  National Semiconductor Application Note  (app note added 2/06)
Asynchronous circuit latches safely -  04/28/94 EDN-Design Ideas.....The circuit in Fig 1  is a digital latch that is resettable only after the condition that set the latch clears. A set input (active low] permanently latches the output (active low]. A reset input (active high] resets the output to a logic high..... [Design Idea by Paul A Kemp, NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX]
Automatic latch-off circuit saves batteries -  4-Jan-07 Issue of EDN  Persistent latch prevents batteries from overdischarge..... [Design Idea by Kieran O'Malley, On Semiconductor, West Kingston, RI; Edited by Brad Thompson and Fran Granville]
Bipolars provide safe latch-off against opto failures -  12/07/00 EDN-Design Ideas.....A typical SMPS (switch-mode power supply]uses a reference voltage and an optocoupler to regulate the output voltage. The optocoupler carries the isolated information from the secondary side to the primary nonisolated side and ensures proper output regulation. Current-mode.....PDF contains multiple circuits, scroll to find this circuit…. [Design Idea by Christophe Basso, ON Semiconductor, Toulouse Cedex, France]
Bistable Switch -  This circuit shows how to implement a simple Bistable (On/Off) switch. You can also do this with a Schmitt trigger gate or inverter. Just set R1 and R2 to bias  input to  center point of  Schmitt trigger’s hysteresis.  [Designed by Andrew R. Morris  (added 6/06)]
Circuit Adds Latch-Off Current Limit to Regulator -  03/30/00 EDN-Design Ideas.....In many applications, forcing a high-current power supply to latch off if a sustained fault condition exists can minimize the likelihood of damage to the pc-board traces and the power devices in the supply. Pulse-width-modulation (PWM]-control circuits provide no latch-off feature, but the circuit in Figure 1 does.....PFD contains several circuits, croll to find this one..... [Design Idea by Craig Varga, Linear Technology Corp, Milpitas, CA]
Circuit Drives Latching Relays -  02/01/96 EDN-Design Ideas.....Figure 1 shows a low-parts-count circuit that can drive one- or two-coil latching relays. Latching relays are useful in sensitive analog designs. The 74ACT174 hex flip-flop has ample capability to drive the Aromat TQ2E series of latching relays. Both windings for the TQ2E-L2-5V two-coil relay are on the same magnetic element, so the windings' fields add. You..... [Design Idea by Roy McCammon, 3M Austin, TX]
Circuit Latches Solenoids at a Distance -  10/14/00 EDN-Design Ideas EDN is migrating links. This link is not verified.  Search the "title" + "EDN" for new link.
Circuit Prevents Processor Latch Up -  03/04/99 EDN-Design Ideas.....The circuit in Figure 1 uses a Dallas Semiconductor DS1820 one-wire digital thermometer in a multipoint temperature-measurement system. The DS1820 sensor allows distributed temperature measurement and uses only one wire for both data communication and the power supply. You can easily connect the one-wire interface to a µC (in this example, a PIC16C63]. The application accommodates as many as 16 DS1820 sensors in a 100m-long network, dubbed MicroLAN by Dallas. Unfortunately, with such long wires near high-current power cables, inductively coupled high-voltage peaks can cause µC latch-up, because the transient-voltage suppressor, D1, cannot limit the line voltage below 9.8V. The interface circuit in Figure 1 prevents such faults..... EDN is migrating links. This link is not verified.  Search the "title" + "EDN" for new link.
Circuits drive single coil latching relays -  13-Nov-08 Issue of EDN  Five driver circuits operate single-coil latching relays..... [Design Idea by Alfredo H Saab and Tina Alikahi, Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA]
Continuity Tester Latching -  Awesome tester!at least in the designers opinion! [Tony van Roon's circuit]

Latch Circuits:  #-C      D-O      P-Z

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