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Last Updated on: Thursday, April 07, 2016 01:01 PM

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Five band graphic equalizer -  This circuit uses a single chip, IC BA3812L for realizing a 5 band graphic equalizer for use in hi-fi audio systems.The BA3812L is a five-point graphic equalizer that has all the required functions integrated onto one IC. The IC is comprised of the five tone control circuits and input and output buffer Amplifiers. The BA3812L features low distortion,…. (
Four Channel fuzz Box -  (electronic circuit added 4/05)
Full-featured Direct Box Application Schematic -  AS066 Jenson Transformer Application Note  (App Note - 6/07)
Funk Box -  ….(added 04/05/06)
Fuzz-box -  All-FET design.  Valve-like distortion behavior (added 3/05)
FuzzniKator Push-Pull Tube Distortion/Preamp -  improved tube distortion project [G. Forrest Cook]
Fuzzy Firebottle Guitar Distortion Pedal -  single-ended tube distortion [G. Forrest Cook]
Guitar & Bass Sustain -  A simple, low distortion limiter for musical instruments ....
Guitar Amplifier 10 Watt -  Old-Style ultra-compact Combo2-inputs-Overdrive-Treble-enhancement (added 4/05)
Guitar Cable Tester - Here is a device that musicians will find highly useful.  It will detect breaks or shorts in a guitar or monitor cable.  Much more elaborate cable testers are available at music stores, but they are fairly complex and are mostly useful to road crews and technicians.  The musician doesn't really care what is wrong with cable, only whether it's good or not.  You can't beat this tester for simplicity and ease of use.  It is also extremely compact and can be easily stored in a gig bag...[Designed by Andrew R. Morris]
Guitar Control -  CaStand-alone, 9V battery powered unit .  Three-level input selector, three-band tone control  (added 3/05)
Guitar Direct Box -  Hang this on your Fender Twin or other guitar Amp and feed your sound directly into a mixing board or PA. (Circuit design added 7/06)
Guitar Effect Circuit (ee.washington.edu) -  (electronic circuit added 4/05)
Guitar Fuzz Box -  Fuzz is one of the classic guitar effects, and this simple circuit generates it quite well. The circuit is so compact that it can be built into guitars or Amps that do not have built in fuzz to add that capability to the instrument. The circuit does not use much battery power, so a standard alkaline battery will last many years even with daily use.  [Circuit designed by Aaron Cake]
Guitar Reverb Circuit -  This is a circuit for a guitar spring reverb pedal, it has dry, wet, and drive controls for a wide variety of sounds. With a decent reverb spring (tank) in overdrive, this circuit will produce an incredibly thick and grungy sound, build one and be the envy of all of your guitar playing friends.  This thing is fun to play through [G. Forrest Cook]
Guitar Reverb Effect Version 2 -  This is my second-generation guitar reverb circuit. The fidelity is much improved over the earlier design, it is suitable for use as a front-end to a guitar Amplifier.  This circuit features clipping indicators on the preamp and reverb recovery stages, allowing for the optimal gain settings.... [G. Forrest Cook]
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Guitar Spring Reverb Unit -  A high performance spring reverb unit for guitar Amps  ....
Guitar to Amp Long Line Circuit -  AS097 Jenson Transformer Application Note  (App Note - 6/07)
Guitar Tremolo Unit -  (electronic Schematic added  03/05)
Guitar Tuner -  (electronic circuit added 4/05)
Guitar Tuning Aid  -  The basis of this circuit is the 555 timer operating in the astable mode. The oscillating output can be used as a tuning aid for a guitar. The first string of a guitar ,E, produces a frequency of 82.4 Hz. The frequency of the oscillator is….(added 04/05/06)
Guitar Vibrato Unit -  A reasonably simple circuit, with results similar to the Vox AC30 guitar Amp  ....
Guitar Vibrato Unit 1 -  (electronic design added 9/02)
Guitar wah-wah Effect -  A fairly high-Q bandpass filter design with cutoff frequency controlled by a foot-operated potientiometer. The poles of the filter are designed for the guitar spectrum. Single-supply operation and low-noise make it a cool toy. (Circuit design added 7/06)
Musical Circuits:  #-A     B-E     F-G      H -L     M       N-T     U-Z

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