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Musical Circuits
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Last Updated: December 29, 2017 03:15 AM

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Remote-Operated Musical Bell - This infrared light controlled 12-tone musical bell can be operated using any TV remote control.  It can be operated from up to 10 metres, provided the remote control is directed towards...__ Electronics Projects for You

Retronome-A Versatile Analog Drum Machine for My Hammond Organ - When I purchased my 1962 Hammond M-111 organ back in 2008, it was a vast improvement over my mid-1970s Yamaha BK-20B. The drawbar controlled tonewheel sound, augmented by the warmth of the vacuum tube amplifier, made the Yamaha pale in comparison. __ Designed by Stefan Vorkoetter

Rev 1 Guitar Reverb - This is a circuit for a guitar spring reverb pedal, it has dry, wet, and drive controls for a wide variety of sounds.  With a decent reverb spring  (tank) in overdrive, this circuit will produce an incredibly thick and grungy sound, build one and be the envy of all of your guitar playing friends.  This thing is fun to play through __ Designed by G. Forrest Cook

Rev 2 Guitar Reverb - This is my second-generation guitar reverb circuit.  The fidelity is much improved over the earlier design, it is suitable for use as a front-end to a guitar amplifier.  This circuit features clipping indicators on the preamp and reverb recovery stages, allowing for the optimal gain settings __ Designed by G. Forrest Cook

Ruby is an "enhanced" version of the Little Gem battery-powered Amplifier (LM386 based Design) - A refined and updated Little Gem amplifier.   __ Contact: holler @ runoffgroove.Com

Screen-Driven Direct-Coupled Single-Ended EL509/6KG6 Stereo Amp - The Svetlana EL509/6KG6 is a rugged beam tetrode with a plate dissipation rating of 35W.  It may be classified as a "sweep tube" because it was originally designed as a horizontal sweep amplifier for TV applications.  Its high sensitivity and efficiency allows for up to 15W output from a single tube.__ Designed by Bob Danielak

SE 300B Amp - The schematic for my latest SE 300B amp __ Designed by Bob Danielak

Set Your Lights to Music - 6-Aug-09 EDN-Design Ideas This circuit activates six ac outlets according in a logarithmic thermometer-code format, causing six to 12 strings of lights to flash on and off according to the level and tempo of music you are playing __ Circuit Design by Hanif Saeed, Maxim Integrated Products, Inc, Sunnyvale, CA

Signal Splitter - A transformer isolated signal splitter that enables hum-free connection of one guitar to more than one amp as well as having a direct output.  The circuit is buffered to avoid signal loss.   __ Designed by Guitar Effect RC Keen

Silent Metronome - File contains several designs, please scroll to find this circuit.  The circuit below is a "silent" metronome that keeps the beat without becoming a member of the band.  The circuit flashes the 6 volt lamp at a rate set by the 20k potentiometer which can have a dial for setting the desired tempo.  Alternately, the potentiometer could be replaced with a rotary switch and selected resistors.  The lamp is an ordinary #47 bulb which will give good omni directional brightness but an LED and resistor could be used instead - try a 100 ohm in series with a   high-intensity LED.  The batteries could be three C or D cells for good life.  This circuit could be used to generate "clicks" in a speaker but such metronomes are not particularly pleasing.  The ambitious might replace the lamp with a solenoid which taps on the wall of a hardwood box or wooden chime for a "professional" sound.   __ Contact: Charles Wenzel of Wenzel Associates, Inc.

Simple Circuit Bass Guitar Compressor - An ultra simple compressor, ideally suited for bass guitar.   __ Designed by Rod Elliott  ESP

Simple Circuit Color Organ - A simple, satisfactory Color Organ can be built with a handful of cheap components.  This design features: no mains supply transformer, built-in microphone and three widely adjustable frequency bands obtained by means of very simple, passive filters for Bass, Middle and Treble __ Contact: Flavio Dellepiane, fladello @ tin.it

Simple Circuit Colour Organ - This is a simple, one lamp colour organ.  It is far less complicated then the Three Channel Colour Organ.  It is simply a lamp controlled by an SCR.  It can be built in a few minutes, and combined with other circuits to make some pretty neat effects. __ Designed by Aaron Cake

Simple Circuit metronome using LM1458 - No circuit description, schematic only__ CdS Electronic

Simple Circuit MIDI tester - Sometimes when experimenting with different soundcards and MIDI interfaces it is useful to see if there is some data going in MIDI interface.  This can be easily tested with this adapter, which converts the midi signals to visible light pulses.  Just the circuit and plug it to the MIDI output of your computer.  When computer sends any midi data out, you see the LED flashing.  I found this tester very useful in testing homebuilt soundcard MIDI interface. __ Designed by Tomi Engdahl

Simple Circuit open source MP3 player with SD/MMC memory card support - This is basically a crystal radio with an audio amplifier which is fairly sensitive and receives several strong stations in the Los Angeles area with a minimal 15 foot antenna.  Longer antennas will provide a stronger signal but the selectivity will be worse and strong stations may be heard in

Simple Circuit Timer Remembers Your Rhythm - 01/05/95 EDN-Design Ideas - The unpretentious controller in Fig 1 remembers the interval between your pressing its start and stop buttons.  Thereafter, the controller switches the load on and off every day at the same times as you did.  You reset the controll __ Circuit Design by MS Nagaraj, ISRO Satellite Centre, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Simple Circuit Transistor Organ - This simple circuit can provide hours of enjoyment as you learn tunes, play duets or just make some really weird sounds by pushing all the buttons at once.  You have probably seen this circuit before, it is fairly common.  I have seen it in several __ Designed by Aaron Cake

Singing Christmas tree based on Microchip PIC16F84 - Microcontroller based electronic circuit __ Designed by Aleksander Stare

Single Ended 5687 Amplifier - Single Ended 5687 Amp and power supply schematics, only, for now.   __ Designed by robert.m.danielak

Single-Ended 2A3 Amp - This amp uses a 6C45pi input tube loaded by a 1:1 Interstage Transformer  (I used the inexpensive model available from Allied Electronics) .  The 6C45pi is supposedly not rated for more than 200V on the plate, but I have not had any trouble with 300V in this application.  You may not wish to follow in my footsteps if you paid a lot for your 6C45pi's __ Designed by Bob Danielak

Solid State Power Op-Amp Amplifier - LM675 Amp Schematics, only.  This was my minimalist interpretation of the so-called "Gaincard" amplifier.  It uses the minimum number of parts I could get away with.  All parts are directly soldered to the IC leads for minimal stray inductance.  It works and sounds suprisingly good! __ Designed by Bob Danielak

Solid-state Fender Blackface Preamp - All-FET version of the celebrated valve guitar preamp; Can be easily modified to Marshall Tone Controls specs __ Contact: Flavio Dellepiane, fladello @ tin.it

Song Number Display - Here’s a circuit to display the song number in an audio system for quick reference to songs.  It also serves the purpose of an extra visual indicator in modern audio systems.When...__ Electronics Projects for You

Sound Modifier - Four shape-controls portable unit; Wide variety of output waveforms __ Contact: Flavio Dellepiane, fladello @ tin.it

Spartacus AO-44 Guitar Slave Amp - small push-pull tube amp __ Designed by G. Forrest Cook

Splitter-Blend - The Splitter-Blend provides two buffered parallel effects loops with a Blend control.  Also, a phase polarity switch is included to allow phase matching of the effect loops.  Possible uses are blending two sets of effects placed in the loops, a signal splitter, a simple mixer, or to blend an effect with the dry signal.  The phase inverter can be used for interesting results when mixing dry and effected signal. __ Contact: holler @ runoffgroove.Com

Spot-frequency Sine Wave Generator - 300Hz, 1KHz, 3KHz "output stable" test equipment tool.9V battery powered portable unit __ Contact: Flavio Dellepiane, fladello @ tin.it

Spreadsheet converts sound levels - 05/12/05 EDN-Design Ideas - Calculate sound level versus source distance __ Circuit Design by Dan O'Brien, Mallory Sonalert Products Inc, Indianapolis, IN

Spring Reverb - The Hot Springs tanks and circuit board should be mounted in a location that is free of ambient electro-magnetic fields.  The input and output jacks are typically placed on a patch panel with other effect's inputs and outputs.  In use, the effects or aux send buss of the console patches to the Hot Springs input and the output of the Hot Springs returns to one of the mixer inputs for control of reverb level in the total mix.h __ Contact: PAiA Corporation USA

Spring Reverb Unit for Guitar or Keyboards - A high performance spring reverb unit for guitar amps __ Designed by Rod Elliott  ESP

Spring Reverberation Module - Build it and get great concert hall effects for your guitar or keyboard instrument.__ SiliconChip

Stage center reverb unit - Schematic only __ Designed by Craig Anderton

Stereo Audio Isolator - This circuit is useful for removing ground loop hum on a remote line level audio signal line.  It can be used to to connect a computer sound card to a stereo amplifier's line input.  Other uses include tapping into a line level signal for powering a remote amplifier, and removing common mode ground interference on 12 Volt audio equipment such as a car stereo.  The circuit can be used in mono applications by simply ignoring the second channel __ Designed by G. Forrest Cook

Stereo Push Pull 3CX300A1 Amplifier - The schematic is shown HERE.  At some point I will add some detail for this amp, but it is loosely based upon my "Beast" amplifier, referenced elsewhere on this page.   __ Designed by Bob Danielak

Stereo Width Controllers - Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, it would be nice to vary the width of the 'sound stage' when listening to stereo recordings.  Although technically this is anything but hi-fi, it is a useful addition to PC speakers, or even for the music centre in the listening room.   __ Designed by Rod Elliott  ESP

Stomp Switch wiring - Stomp Switch wiring __ Designed by Guitar Effect RC Keen

Studio Switcher - Made for Radio Glen at Southampton University, and still in use at the re-named low power AM and web broadcasting station SURGE: Southampton University Radio from Glen Eyre.  Triumph of relay based logic, or unnecessarily retro? You decide.  Nothing with this many illuminated push switches can be all bad.   __ Designed by Henry 

Supreaux Deux - The Supro 16T adapted for use as a distortion stompbox.   __ Contact: holler @ runoffgroove.com

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