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Power Supplies:  DC to DC / Switch Mode and DC to DC Converters
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Circuits Designed by Dave Johnson, P.E. :

 Astable Multivibrator with Very Low Power - This classic circuit draws only 200 nanoamps from a 1.5v supply . . . Hobby Circuit designed by David Johnson P.E.-June, 2000

 Audio Frequency Digital Noise Generator - When you need to test an audio circuit with broadband noise, this circuit works great.  It uses just three inexpensive C-MOS ICs that generate a series of output pulses whose widths vary randomly.  I included a level control pot. . . Circuit by Dave Johnson P.E.-July, 2000

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

A 5 volt to +24V flyback output DC to DC Converter -  A simple regulated +24 volts power supply for low current applications.  The circuit was built on a small piece of phenolic board about 2 cm x 5.5 cm.  it will be placed piggyback on a larger assembly.  I needed a few milliamps at +25 __ Designed by Richard Cappels

A better MOSFET H Bridge Schematic -  Schematic only - no circuit desciption included __ Designed by Eugene Blanchard

A Diode Ladder Multiplies Voltage Under Software Control -  12/01/11  EDN Design Ideas:  An eight-pin micro multiplies, monitors, and delivers a boosted voltage to a load.   __ Circuit Design by William Grill, Riverhead Systems, Greeley, CO

A doozy requiring some parts you can't get at the 'Shack. -  You can make a doozy of a xenon strobe using the 12 volt DC in, DC output mercury lamp ballast here at http://www.  donklipstein.  com/ebdc12.  html.  You may run into a problem with the flashtube arcing continuously after a flash.  if you use an open-collector comparator such as a 339 in the overvoltage sensing section of this circuit, you can wired-AND the comparator output with some sort of scheme to disable the circuit for a few to a few tens of milliseconds after a flash (by "pulling down" Pin 5 of the 555).   __ Designed by Don Klipstein

A High Efficiency 500kHz 4.5A Step-Down Converter in an SO-8 Package -  DN181 Design Notes__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

A Regulated 24 Volt Output, 5 Volt Input DC to DC Converter  -  needed a few milliamps at +24 volts for a varactor bias circuit.  Since my systems approach is still to run all of the power though a 5 volt regulator, this meant that I had to come up with a 5VDC-to-24VDC power supply.  The resulting DC to DC converter and regulation circuit are described here __ Designed by Dick Cappels

A Simple Circuit step-up converter (6V to 12V) -  This step-up converter is intended for use in a '67 Citroen 2CV.  This car, and I use the word loosely, has a 6V battery and won't support a modern radio that needs 12V.  The circuit described here converts 6V to 12V at 1A sustained load current.   __ Designed by Oscar den Uijl, odu @ xs4all.nl

A Step-Down Conversion Concept for a PWM-Mode Boost Converter -  Ti App Note __ 

A Transformerless Power Supply -  Power Supply Circuits:  This circuit will supply up to about 20mA at 12 volts.  it uses capacitive reactance instead of resistance - so it doesn't generate very much heat.  The circuit was designed to provide a cheap, compact power supply for CMOS logic circuits that require only a few milliamps.  The logic circuits were then used to control mains equipment, using an optically-isolated TRIAC. __ Designed by Ron J.

A_Drill_Motor_Power_Supply_With_Negative_Output_Resistance  -  Maintains constant speed of a lightweight hobby drill as the load changes __ Designed by Dick Cappels

AC power Monitor uses remote sensing -  04/26/01 EDN Design Ideas:  The detection circuit in the Design ideas - "Circuit monitors ac-power loss" (EDN , Nov 24, 1999, pg 172) requires a physical connection with the mains to sense the power loss.  The circuit in Figure 1 senses the power loss through the radiated power-line signal __ Circuit Design by Sanjay R Chendvankar, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Colaba, Mumbai, India

Add a signal-strength display to an FM receiver IC -  09/05/02  EDN Design Ideas:  The Philips (www.  semiconductors.  philips.  co) TDA7000 integrates a monaural FM-radio receiver from the antenna connection to the audio output.  External components include one tunable LC circuit for the local oscillator, a few capacito __ Circuit Design by José Miguel-López, RF Center Ltd, Barcelona, Spain

Add an auxiliary voltage to a buck regulator -  31-Oct-02 EDN Design Ideas:  You often need more than one regulated output voltage in a system.  A frequently used and reasonably simple way to create this auxiliary output voltage is to add a second winding to the output inductor, creating a coupled inductor or a transformer, followed by a diode to rectify (peak-detect] this output voltage __ Circuit Design by John Betten, Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX

Add current boost to a USB charger -  09/19/02 EDN Design Ideas:  The popular USB interface can charge a portable device while transferring data.  But for high-capacity batteries, the 500-mA output current of USB hosts and powered hubs greatly extends the charging time. (Unpowered USB hubs supply nothan 100 mA.   ] Thus, a system that accepts charging power from an ac adapter as well as the USB port is convenient __ Circuit Design by Len Sherman, Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA

Add Extra Output to a Boost Converter -  11/17/11  EDN Design Ideas:  Designers use step-up-converter ICs in battery-powered portable equipment.  These chips usually provide one output with a fixed or an adjustable voltage.  Some chips contain an LBi/LBO (low-battery-in/low-battery-out) function.  The chip manufacturer intends __ Circuit Design by Vladimir Oleynik, Moscow, Russia

Add Margining Capability to a DC/DC Converter -  18-Sep-08 EDN Design Ideas:  Adding a current-output DAC to a DC/DC converter's circuit allow you to add margining capability __ Circuit Design by Brian Vasquez, Maxim Integrated Products, Dallas, TX;

Add trimmable current limit to DC/DC supply -  08/01/97 EDN Design Ideas:  You can add a simple, two-transistor circuit to a standard, step-down DC/DC converter to provide an adjustable limit for the output current.  You can apply this method to most step-down converters that provide access to the feedback node __ Circuit Design by Terry Millward, Maxim Integrated Products UK Ltd, Theale, UK

Adjustable DC-DC Converter for Cars -  Run your laptop in your car.  Charge SLA batteries and run 24V equipment from a 12V battery.__ SiliconChip

Alarm Monitors Rotational Speed Of DC Motor -  2-Oct-08 EDN Design Ideas:  This design idea     Monitors the rotating speed of a dc fan motor, sounding an alarm and powering down if the motor stalls __ Circuit Design by Peter Demchenko, Vilnius, Lithuania

Alarm PSU -  A 12 Volt power suppiled designed for Ron's Modular Burglar Alarm.  However, being a popular supply voltage this circuit will have many other uses as well.   __ Designed by Ron J.

Always on for PCs -  Many enthusiasts will be using their PCs as data loggers, controllers or as web servers.  in these cases it is important that the machine is kept powered up for as great a fraction of the time as possible.  must register on this site __ Designed by Published in Elecktor July/Aug, 2010

An Add-On Current Limiter for Your PSU -  Power Supply Circuits:  This circuit allows you to set a limit on the maximum output current available from your PSU.  it's very useful when you power-up a project for the first time - or carry out a soak-test.  By setting an upper limit on the current available from your PSU - you can protect both your power supply - and any device connected to it.  it offers a simple and cheap alternative to the Current Limiting Power Supply.  __ Designed by Ron J.

An Off-Line 12 Volt SMPS Power Supply -  This is a simple low-cost 50W off-line switching power supply, which can be used for home projects or to learn operation of flyback converters.  it can work over a universal AC line input range 90-264 VAC and provides a 12VDC output at more than 4A load.  Line and load regulation is better than 0.5%. (added 11/07)  __ Designed by Lazar Rozenblat

An Output Adjustable Flyback Converter -  A high voltage step-up DC power supply using adjustable flyback conversion.   __ Designed by Andy Collison

AN-10-003  Super wide bandwidth power splitters ZN2PD2-50, ZN4PD1-50 -  AN-10-003 App Note__ MiniCircuits.com

AN-10-006  Understanding Power Splitters -  AN-10-006 App Note__ MiniCircuits.com

AN11 - Designing Linear Circuits for 5V Single Supply Operation -  Linear Technology AN11 __ Designed by Jim Williams - Sep 1st, 1985

AN118 - High Voltage, Low Noise, DC/DC Converters -  Linear Technology AN118 __ Designed by Jim Williams - Mar 28th, 2008

AN29 - Some Thoughts on DC-DC Converters -  Linear Technology AN29 __ Designed by Jim Williams - Oct 1st, 1988

AN-60-024   New MAR-8A & MAR-8ASM Amplifiers -  AN-60-024 Application Note__ MiniCircuits.com

AN-60-027  Power Supply Transient Protection for MNA & VNA Amplifiers -  AN-60-027 Application Note__ MiniCircuits.com

Analog switch acts as DC/DC converter -  01/20/00 EDN Design Ideas:  Many low-current devices that require 65V supplies can operate reliably in a single 5V power-supply environment if you use an appropriate localized DC/DC converter to generate  -5V bias.  Often,   capabilities and advantages of se 5V ICs far outweigh  minor inconvenience and added costs of an additional -5V-converter function.  Many __ Circuit Design by John P Skurla, Advanced Linear Devices Inc, Sunnyvale, CA

Application for a New Power Buffer -  AN4 The LT1010 150mA power buffer is described in a number of useful applications such as boosted op amp, a feed-forward, wideband DC stabilized buffer, a video line driver amplifier, a fast sample-hold with hold step compensation, an overload protected motor speed controller, and a piezoelectric fan servo.  __ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Applications of the LT1300 & LT1301 Micropower DC/DC Converters -  AN59 Linear Technology This note covers operation and applications ofLT1300 and LT1301 high efficiency micropower step-up DC/DC converter iCs.  internal operation ofiCs is described in detail.  A variety of applications are presented, ranging from straightforward 2-cell to 5V converters and 5V to 12V converters to exotic transducerbased circuits such as flame detectors__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

Applications Versatility of Dual 12-Bit DAC LTC1590 -  DN167 Design Notes__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices

ArroW Lighting-TI DC/DC LED Driver Solution -  in this article, 2 lighting applications of Ti TPS40211 will be presented.  Ti TPS40211 is a DC/DC LED driver controller which accepts DC voltage up to 52V and is able to fit various kinds of LED lighting application including MR16
as well as streetlamp application.   __ Designed by James Ho, Arrow Asia Pac

Astable Multivibrator with Very Low Power -  This classic circuit draws only 200 nanoamps from a 1.5v supply . . . Hobby Circuit designed by David Johnson P.E.-June, 2000

Astable Multivibrators -  Multivibrators: an old, well known and boring subject.  No - not at all: there are lots of different ways of looking a them and they are not at all what they may seem.   __ Designed by Richard Torrens

Atmel AVR Tiny13V for driving a white LED -  LED headlamp projects: Tiny13V microcontroller as step up (boost) or step down (buck) voltage converter for driving a white or high power LED. (pdf file) Design equations and source code included.   __ Designed by Steven Weber, KD1JV

Audio Frequency Digital Noise Generator -  When you need to test an audio circuit with broadband noise, this circuit works great.  it uses just three inexpensive C-MOS ICs that generate a series of output pulses whose widths vary randomly.  I included a level control pot. . . Circuit by Dave Johnson P.E.-July, 2000

Audio Graphic Equalizer, 3-Band -  Using a single op-amp this easy to make equalizer offers three ranges, low frequency, mid frequency, and high.  With component values shown there is approximately +/-20dB of boost or cut at frequencies of 50Hz, 1kHz and 10kHz.  Supply voltage may be anything from 6 to 30 Volts.  Maximum boost 20dB is only realized with maximum supply voltage __ Designed by Andy Collison

Automotive 9V-19.5Vin to 5V at 1A with 60V Transient Protection & 1.7MHz Switching Frequency -  The LT3682 is a 1A monolithic buck switching regulator that accepts input voltages from 3.6V to 36V and transients up to 60V.  it features an adjustable and synchronizable switching frequency from 250kHz to 2.2MHz.  it also has the ability to monitor the current flowing through the external catch diode, thus providing an extra level of protection against output fault conditions over the entire operating frequency range, regardless of input voltage__ Linear Technology/Analog Devices App Note, Jul 22, 2010

Autotransformer regulator inverts 12V to produce ­12V -  08/01/1997 EDN Design Ideas:  You can create a dc/dc regulator with an internal switching MOSFET that inverts 12V to produce an output of 200 mA at ­12V.  The IC is a high-efficiency device whose low quiescent current (120 µA maximum) is the product of a CMOS process that limits the absolute-maximum input-to-output voltage to 21V.    __ Circuit Design by Dana Davis

Auxiliary 12V Flyback SMPS -  Finally a use for those extra ferrites! __ 

Avoid problems with multiple DC-DC converters -  EDN Design Ideas:  05/05/2014     improve DC-DC converter design and application, and avoid potential problems with this synchronization circuit __ Circuit Design by Avago Tech Note

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