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Power Supplies: High Voltage Generators, page 1
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Last Updated on: Thursday, April 07, 2016 01:01 PM

Circuits Designed by Dave Johnson, P.E. :
  • 12KV High Voltage Generator The hobby circuit below uses an unusual method to generate about 12,000 volts with about 5uA of current.  Two SCRs form two pulse generator circuits.  The two SCRs discharge a 0.047uF a 400v capacitor through a xenon lamp trigger coil at 120 times a second.  The high voltage pulses produced at the secondary of the trigger coil are rectified using two 6KV damper diodes.  The voltage doubler circuit at the secondary of the trigger coil charges up two high voltage disc capacitors up to about 12KV.  Although this circuit can’t produce a lot of current be very careful with it.  A 12KV spark can jump about 0.75 of an inch so the electronic circuit needs to be carefully wired with lots of space between components. 

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:
1 to 300 Volt Adjustable Power Supply -  This is a simple circuit that can provide an adjustable voltage source of0 to330 Volts.  supply is short-circuit proof: current is limited to about100mA. (added 4/02)
10 Amp 13.8 Volt Power Supply -  Just like other commercial units, this circuit uses the LM723 IC which gives us excellent voltage regulation. The circuit uses 3 pass transistors which must be heat sinked….(electronic design added 6/07) [Radio Amateur Society of Norwich]
12KV High Voltage Generator -  The hobby circuit below uses an unusual method to generate about 12,000 volts with about 5uA of current.  Two SCRs form two pulse generator circuits.  The two SCRs discharge a 0.047uF a 400v capacitor through a xenon lamp trigger coil at 120 times a second.... [Hobby Corner Circuit by Dave Johnson]
14 VDC to 120 VAC Inverter -  Ever needed a low power 120volt AC  power source for your car, van or truck? Well this circuit should do the trick for you. It will supply 15 watts of AC power to a device. It should power lamps, shavers, small stereos and small appliances....(added 09/05)
1-kV power supply produces a continuous arc -  5-Feb-04 Issue of EDN  Designing a high-voltage switching power supply that can produce a sustained arc can be challenging.  This compact and efficient design delivers 1 kV at 20W and can withstand a continuous arcing, or short-circuit, condition (Figure 1]. It uses standard, commercially available components. R1 sets the LTC1871 switching-regulator controller for a nominal operating frequency of 120 kHz.... [Design Idea by Robert Sheehan, Linear Technology, Milpitas, CA]
25-kV generator tests insulation  -  06/04/98 EDN-Design Ideas....To generate high voltages with proper insulation between the "hot node" and the rest of the circuitry, a car ignition coil can function in place of a high-voltage transformer. These coils have voltage ratings of approximately 20 kV, so you can use them to produce voltages.... [Design Idea by Lukasz S�liwczyn�ski and Przemyslaw Krehlik, University of Mining and Metallurgy, Krak�w, Poland]
4k Volt 5k Volt 2000VAC Power Supply -  These transformers are 120VAC input with 2kVAC output. Just wire the cores together (the cores are normally one of the HV terminals) and wire the primaries so they oppose eachother. If you don't get a nice arc from this switch the input leads on one transformer.  This will not arc over that far, but if you start a small arc you can pull it out to about 5". These transformers will make an excellent supply for a Jacob's ladder....(added 08/08)
A Momentary High Voltage Arc Circuit -  Can be used to Ignite a barbeque or a Gas in a Potato Gun....(design added 12/08)
A Single Amplifier Precision High Voltage Instrument Amp -  DN25  Design Notes (Linear Technology) (App Note - added 6/06)
An Electric Fence project -   A Very Efficient and Simple Cmos Design....(design added 12/08)
AN-H35: HV441: High Voltage Ring Generator -  Supertex Semiconductors (app note added 6/06)
AN-H37: HV440 High Voltage Ring Generator -  Supertex Semiconductors  (App Note - added 2/06)
APD Bias Circuit has Adjustable Output -  05/22/97 EDN-Design Ideas....The avalanche-photodiode detector (APD], like the PIN diode, serves as a receiver in optical communications systems. The APD is more sensitive, but you must properly bias it to produce the appropriate electron flow for a given flux of photons. An external D/A converter allows dynamic,…. [Design Idea by Larry Suppan, Maxim Integrated Products, Sunnyvale, CA]
Build the Lightning Bulb -  The Lightning Bulb circuit uses a quadrac (see Fig. 1)--a device that combines a triac and a diac trigger in a single package--to control the supplied current. Figure 1A shows the schematic symbol for the quadrac, while figure 1B shows the pinout for the unit used in our circuit. Note that quadracs are increasingly difficult to come by;…. [by Vincent Vollono]
Build this Negative Ion Detector -  Figure 1 shows a schematic diagram of the Ion Detector--a rather simple circuit consisting of three transistors (two PN2907 PNP, and a single PN2222 NPN type), three resistors, one capacitor, an antenna, a mA meter, and an Led.…. [by Vincent Vollono]
Circuit delivers High-Voltage swing from lower supplies -  12-Dec-02 Issue of EDN  The need for higher voltage swings in applications such as test-and-measurement instruments is constantly increasing, but the power supplies impose limitations on the operational Amplifier rails make the high-voltage need a challenge for designers. How do you deliver high-voltage swings to a load without increasing the voltage levels of the power supplies of the operational Amplifier? In other.... [Design Idea by Bruce Carter and Ron Shakery, Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX]
Cockcroft Walton Diode Voltage Multipliers -  this document describing some basic voltage multiplier circuit topologies, PDF file (added 4/02)
Convert Atari-style Joystick to PC Joystick Port -  Some games are easier to play with digital joystick instead of analogue type. Unfortunately PC has only analogue joystick connector, which makes it impossible to connect normal digital joystick to it. But with a little adapter circuit, it is possible to use Atari style digital joystick with IBM PC joystick interface. The circuit adapts the joystick connectors and converts digital joystick movement signals to analogue signals…(added 05/05/05)
Current-sense Amplifier Handles High-Voltages -  11/06/97 EDN-Design Ideas.... EDN is migrating links. This link is not verified.  Search the "title" EDN for new link.
Easy Xenon DC-to-DC Converters! -  (design circuit added 8/02)
Electronic Dazer -  The dazer is considered an illegal firearm in Canada, except for use by speciality forces and law enforcement.  Unless for laboratory experimentation, having it in your possession is the same as having an illegal gun or a gun without the proper FAC permits.  It is presented here for educational and experimental purposes only as part of our High-Voltage Projects…. [Rick Duker's circuit]
Electronic Dazer ~rstevew -  The Electronic Dazer is a modern, portable, personal-protection appliance. It generates hight potential energy to ward off vicious animals or other attackers. It is an aid to help exape from a potentially dangerous situation. the device develops about 2,000 volts. Higher voltages mabe be attained by adding aditional multiplier stages, but it should be noted that those stage will also increase the overal size of the unit.
The Dazer is very compact, being built into a small plastic case. It is powered by a single 9-volt battery, either NiCad or alkaline. (Editor's Note: the so-called 9-V NiCad actually provides only about 7.5V. Why? NiCad cells only give 1.25 per cell. 6 cells in a 9volt battery gives it 7.5V and so the Alkaline type would be a better choice)....
Even Cheaper & Simpler Ion Chamber -  Here is a really simple version of the above chamber that is surprisingly sensitive for its simplicity. It uses the same coffee can as above but only one transistor. Here are step-by-step instructions for constructing this really easy-to-build version….(added 04/05/06)
High Voltage Generators#-G    H    I-Z

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