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Receiver Circuits   Page 3a
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Last Updated on: Wednesday, November 29, 2017 05:39 AM

Circuits Designed by Dave Johnson, P.E. :

Links to electronic circuits, electronic schematics, designs for engineers, hobbyists, students & inventors:

Medium Wave Active Antenna -  This circuit is designed to amplify the input from a telescopic whip antenna. The preamplifier is designed to cover the medium waveband from about 550Khz to 1650Khz..... [Circuit : David Sayles]
Medium Wave DX Receiver -  The photo opposite shows what you can do with a Lazy Susan and a 16" Embroidery Hoop! This loop antennae work very well on the Medium Wave band, providing good gain, directivity and noise rejection…. [Duncan from Wellington, New Zealand]
Miniature FM Radio Receiver using TDA7088 -  The electronic diagram of the monophonic FM receiver made with TDA7088T is shown on Pic.4.12. If built with SMD components it can be placed in a matchbox, altogether with two button-type batteries. The operating principle of this device is given in the previous t(added 11/05)
MK484 AM Receiver -  A complete AM radio set based on the MK484 IC (formerly ZN414). It uses a PNP transistor and can drive a 150R loudspeaker… [Designed by Chad Castagana]
More crystal sets -  Response to December's column was so favourable that we return to crystal sets and allied topics this month.   Keep reading to find out how to improve your AM broadcast reception, make your crystal set deliver hi-fi audio and set a fashion trend with the all-new 'wearable wireless' pedestrian mobile crystal set....amateur radio construction projects…. [from Peter Parker's website]
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MPF102 FM Receiver -  An FM regenerative receiver using a single FET and one audio amplifier IC….((electronic schematic / circuit added 4/02)
MPF102 Receiver -  Schematic only.  [Designed by Patrick]
MRX 40 Mini Receiver -  (design added 8/03)
Nostalgic Crystal Radio -  …....
Novel crystal set requires no antenna, earth -  amateur radio construction projects…. [from Peter Parker's website]
One Transistor Regenerative Receiver -  This radio is sensitive enough to tune 20 stations across the FM band, some with volume high enough to drive a small PM speaker. The ability to tune 88.9 MHz and 89.1 MHz is testimony of its selectivity. The signal-to noise ratio rivals that of the better walkman type radios.... [Designed by Phillip Crane mailto:plcrane@delphia.net]
One-Transistor Amplifier/Detector -  An amplifier may be added to boost the audio level as shown below. The current consumption of this amplifier is quite low and a power switch is not included. Disconnect the battery when the receiver is stored for long periods….(added 04/05/06)
One-transistor Regenerative AM Receiver -  A classic design revamped slightly. Features a single-transistor regen stage, and a range of 1000 miles with a 4-foot antenna. Perhaps the best "survival radio",….(Circuit design added 06/06)
Op Amp Based FM Transmitter -  An low power FM Transmitter using an op-amp as the audio preamp and a single transistor as the RF amplifier… [Designed by Kamran Ahmed]
OpAmp Radio (Aaron Cake) -  (electronic schematic / circuit added 04/03/02)
Passive-detector receiver keeps you informed, entertained during flights -  12-May-05 Issue of EDN  Receive HF AM signals without battery power.... [Design Idea by David Prutchi, PhD, Voorhees, NJ; Edited by Brad Thompson]
Popcorn direct Conversion receiver -  schematic for a no-frills, relatively low-cost CW superhet receiver with a 4.00 MHz Intermediate frequency. There is no AGC or RF gain control, however this receiver has good large signal handling capability.  This receiver uses just 6 bipolar transistors and an op amp for reasonable volume into headphones. Much....(design added 05/08)
Q Multiplying Loop Antenna -  (electronic schematic / circuit added 4/02)

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